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Kid Peligro

Monday, May 31, 2010

Alliance is ready for the Worlds is the World Ready for Alliance - BBQ at Royler's as Gracie Rio selects its team - BJJ Invades Syria

Team Alliance
 Alliance is ready for the Worlds, is the World ready for Alliance?

After a huge win in the Pan and a near win in the Brazilian National Titles Alliance leader Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti declares his team ready for the Worlds: "We've just finished our preparation for the Worlds and I can attest that our team is ready for WAR! We've never trained this hard for a competition. Our Atlanta based team will be comprised of 30 athletes. IN the alst Pan this group accounted for 9 Golds! This year, we have a balance attack for the Worlds, all our team will come strong and ready to compete. I have total confidence that we will have a great performance". (read more)

BBQ at Royler's as Gracie Rio de Janeiro (Humaita) selects Team 

Gracie Rio de Janeiro (Humaita) leader Royler Gracie invited a few friends, students and top competitors for a barbecue at his house. The event had a dual purpose, to gather the group and to select the team for the 2010 Worlds. Present at the event, amongst others, were notables Saulo and Xande Ribeiro, Rafael Lovato Jr, Fredson Alves, Leticia Ribeiro, Penny Thomas, Beatriz Mesquita, Paulo Guillobel, Rodrigo Pinheiro, McKenzie (Megaton), Regis Lebre, Zak Maxwell, Ana Carolina Vidal, Fabricio Morango and Vini Aieta (forgive me if I forgot to mention you). (read more)

Royler Group
BJJ Invades Syria as Black belt introduces the Gentle Art in the country

Team Syria
Team Syria
Damascus- Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Zaid Mirza gave a three hour seminar in Damascus the capital of Syria. (read more)
Robert Drysdale's New Website is Live!

You are invited to check out www.DrysdaleJiuJitsu.Com (read more)

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