Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Worlds 2010 Update Mediumweight division is stacked - Royler Gracie Worlds Seminar - Jacare and Penha get Red and Black Belt - Referee Seminar

Worlds 2010 Update

A quick check of the latest updated competitors list for the Worlds shows Claudio Calasans in the middleweight division BB. The presence of the current World Pro weight and Absolute champion in the middleweight just further increases the categories difficulty level. With names like Marcelo Garcia, Sergio Moraes, current Pan Champion Kayron Gracie, standouts Abmar Barbosa, Bill Cooper, Lucas Leite and the ever dangerous Kron Gracie this division is simply stacked. Can't wait to watch it go down live.

Worlds 2010 Last chance to register May 26th , 2010.

Finally, the most anticipated event of the year is here. The end of registration is this Wednesday, be sure to register on time. . . . read more

Royler Gracie Worlds Seminar - Fine Tune your game with the Master

One of the winningest competitors of all time Royler Gracie will be conducting a fine tuning seminar at Gracie San Diego. . . read more

New Promotions by the IBJJF

Professors Romero Cavalcanti and Sergio Penha were recently promoted to the high rank of Red & Black Belt . . . read more

IBJJF Referee Course

Ever complained that you were robbed and the referee didn't know how to score your match? Well this is your chance to learn the intricacies of refereeing and the rules . . . read more

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