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Kid Peligro

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rickson Seminar in Sacramento - It's ON! Worlds 2010: Ladies Analysis - BJJ Malaysia

Rickson Seminar in Sacramento

Rickson Gracie Seminar in Sacramento a huge success

The Rickson Gracie seminar at Groundworks Jiujitsu House in Sacramento,Ca was a huge success. Rickson conducted the 4 hour seminar on May 27th to a small crowd of 40 students. Rickson awed the group with his flawless technique and superb teaching skills, along with his invisible techniques. Rickson said " it's invisible, but it's very real." He covered everything from the basic "upa" to the proper way to clench with such small details that make all the difference in the world. One of my students commented, "  (read more)

It's ON! Worlds 2010 Begins This Thursday
The Worlds 2010 begins this Thursday June 3rd at the Long Beach Pyramid. The event will go for 4 days with over 1900 athletes competing for the title of World Champion. We have previously reviewed a few categories and the final one is the ladies Brown/Black Belt.
In the Superfeather Multi time World Champion Leticia Ribeiro is a clear favorite but watch out for (read more

Marcos Escobar and Malaysia BJJ hook up with Koral

Marcos Escobar, the Checkmat black belt in charge of BJJ Malaysia just signed a deal with Koral. For more details check out his blog below: (read more)


All Jiu Jitsu Camp (Mario Sperry July Edition) participants will receive a Manto Gi.

If you want to sign up, 
(read more)

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