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Kid Peligro

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Worlds 2010: The good and the bad. CheckMat Black Belt dies in motorcycle accident

Worlds 2010 Random Thoughts: The good and the bad!

The good:

- IBJJF Organization keeps getting better and better. The event ran as smooth as ever despite the high number of competitors

- Competitors are getting better at all levels especially purple and brown.

- If anyone doesn't think Roger Gracie is the best of the decade they're watching something different than I or they're not paying attention. Not only he has been in 8 consecutive Absolute finals taking 3 of them, but 7 weight titles as well! Roger doesn't usually just win, he wins decisively submitting most of his opponents. Overheard from a few of his opponents and coaches: "He is just impossible" . . . "at a different level" . . . "his Jiu-Jitsu is different than ours". And to boot the kid is humble! IT is great to have him represent our sport!

- Alliance Team is the best no question! Romero "Jacare", his General Fabio Gurgel and his top instructors Alexandre "Gigi" and too many others to name have rebuild the team that once split into a powerhouse of domination not seen in a long time. Not only they took the team title, but also the ladies title and had a winner or a medal in just about every Black Belt category. (read more)

The bad:

- I had to wait a few days to digest this one but many of matches this year were less exciting than last year. And I thought last year was an off year. In many of the matches competitors are fighting for the slightest differences the result is that matches end up tied forcing the refs to make numerous decisions. These are very good, some even great fighters, that are so intent on winning that they are going away from their nature. Where is the "go for it" spirit? Where is the "I'm going to submit you" attitude? Where are the attacking fighters going for the kill? Where is the spirit that created idols, that got us excited to go to watch the Worlds so we would witness epic battles? It seemed in this year's Worlds that a lot of competitors were playing for a 1/8 of an advantage win rather than imposing their will and going for the kill!

And this is not just my opinion as many of the experts, reporters, coaches and even competitors that I spoke with concurred. Xande Ribeiro has a very good piece about this on his blog:  (read more)

CheckMat Black Belt dies in motorcycle accident:

from Chico Mendes:

Our colleague "FELIPPE PORTO "LINGUICA" died this past Friday around 21:00 in Sao Paulo. He was driving home from the academy and had a fatal motorcycle accident. Linguica was 29 years old, he was a Black Belt from Leozinho and taught at our affiliate in SP. He will be dearly missed."

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid Peligro

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