Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Worlds 2010 Saturday: Oh what a day it was

There is a new crew of BJJ'ers coming up and making everyone take notice while some of the older guys are still performing great. In perhaps the hardest division of the Black Belt, the middleweight, Marcelo Garcia was in form submitting his opponents, Sergio Moraes advanced on his side of the bracket and will face Kron tomorrow in the quarters. Kron seemed to be the same eKron of the brown belt with laser beam attacks as he submitted his two opponents including veteran star Delson Pe de Chumbo. Kayron Gracie did his part also submitting his opponents. Calasans, Lucas Leite, Bill Cooper all advancing in solid fashion. Feather weight sCobrinha, Rafa Mendes and Ryan Hall are on collision course while JT Torres will face Gilbert Durinho and the returning Celsinho faces Frazatto. Too many other weights to address but in my view perhaps the biggest disappointment of today was that Xande lost to Romulo Barral depriving everyone of a battle of titans between the winners of the last 4 absolute titles. Romulo Barral put an end to that with a brilliant performance in the absolute earning him the 3 finals against Roger.

Sorry for the ramble but it was a long day

See you tomorrow


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