Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ADCC Rule Change

Everyone knows that the ADCC strives to be fair giving everyone an equal field to compete in the greatest and most prestigious grappling event in the world. That is why the committee developed a different set of rules that incorporates the best and most efficient moves from various grappling modalities. Over the years the committee has constantly sought feedback from athletes, coaches and referees using their input in their review process to further improve these rules.

From that process the committee recent meetings yielded a rule regarding weight limits. Starting immediately, athletes will be weight in just before they enter the mat for competing. This assures that said athletes do not go to extreme weight cutting and then "tank" (gaining weight) before their matches thus assuring the athletes will be competing closest to the weight limit of their category. This process will be done on both days! Additionally referees will be spot checking during the competition for anyone that is "tanking", any athlete can be spot checked at any time and required to re-weight, if they are over 2KG above their weight class limit they will be immediately disqualified.

The object of this rule change is to discourage extreme and dangerous weight cutting and to insure that all athletes compete in "their natural weight class" assuring the fairest competition conditions for all.

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