Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mendes Bros Tour ends - Felipe Costa in Mexico - IBJJF Calendar

Mendes Brothers End North America Tour in Canada

After spending almost a month and a half away from home, the Mendes Brothers, Rafael and Guilerme, are finishing up a long tour across North America. The last stops were in Toronto and Hamilton Ontario Canada. Salvosa BJJ hosted the world famous brothers for a seminar as well as PuraBJJ where the brothers stayed and taught classes for almost an entire week. Today, they are off to return to Brazil than to Guam and Japan once again. Do these guys ever stop? (read more)

Felipe Costa Returns to Mexico

One more time we have the pleasure of announcing the visit of Felipe Costa to México, where he will be conducting a series of seminars through August and September. The dates are as follows: (read more)

IBJJF Calendar

IBJF releases its second half of the year calendar. Check out the big tournaments:

(read more)

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