Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rodrigo Comprido Interview Part II - Brock Lesnar, ADCC Cain Velsquez and more

Comprido and Lesnar

KP- You are new teaching at Flomma tell us a little about that

RCM- Three years ago I moved to the US and we have an academy FLOMMA in Palatine, a suburb of Chicago. IT was here that I really started to work with MMA fighters, I had worked a little in Brazil with guys like Pedro Rizzo, Demian Maia, Roberto Traven, Leo Castello Branco Eduardo Telles, but my role was always as sparring or training partner, but here in the US the market is really focused in MMA and since I was teaching at FLOMMA I worked with Mike Russo, a heavyweight that fights in UFC then I started to develop my abilities to MMA. I started to adapt the competition BJJ that I know to function in MMA. That is a difficult process there are positions that we have in BJJ that we do really well but that don't work in BJJ because for instance you may have both hands busy with some control and when you have your hands tied you can't protect yourself and then you become an open target. IN MMA an open target doesn't last very long.

KP- How are the partners at FLOMMA dealing with all that is going on with you?

RCM- I have to really thank my partners at FLOMMA because they understand and support my work with Brock and other fighters along with my BJJ Camp in Brazil. They are tremendous and always encourage me to do these ventures as they also understand that FLOMMA goes along with me on these ventures and that the accolades go to them as well. I also thank my students because they too encourage me to do these projects. I always try to bring top instructors to cover for me when I'm away training. I also bring my friends who I consider the best BJJ instructors and fighters in the World coming to FLOMMA to train and instruct so FLOMMA and my students benefit from this exchange as I believe when you are around the best you become better

KP- Somewhere it was said that you stated that Brock should fight in ADCC and that you encouraged him to do that, do you want to clarify that? (read more)

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