Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Demian Maia Seminar a bit hit - Daniel Moraes in Savannah - Rashad Evans in Oahu

Demian Maia Seminar at Arena

U.F.C. star Demian Maia conducted an interactive seminar at Arena MMA in San Diego this past Saturday. Demian showcased some of his best stuff to an attendance that included Evangelista "Cyborg", "Xande" Ribeiro and Nam Phan amongst others. Demian's details were the difference maker and after watching his instruction one begins to understand why he is one of the most dangerous ground fighters in the U.F.C.
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Daniel Moraes In Savannah, Ga

Our good friends Daniel Moraes a third degree Royler Gracie black belt, leader of Relson Gracie Jacksonville and an 11 time world medalist with his assistant instructor Ryan Brinkman a first degree brown belt under Daniel and Relson put on an amazing seminar for Serg BJJ Team Roberto Traven on Friday the 3rd. Daniel showed some of his world class wrestling skills and escapes from the turtle position. (read more)

North Shore Oahu and Fighters

It is expected that Triple Crown time on Oahu's North Shore will bring the World's best surfers to its shores. What is not expected is some of the World's best fighters to be around. Last week John Lewis visited Sunset Beach BJJ, this week our friend JD ran into no one other than Rashad Evans. Rashad was not surfing but checking out Oahu's beaches and scenery

Below is a "foggy" picture of JD with Rashad Evens, 10 times World Champion Kelly Slater and North Shore legend lifeguard Abe Lehrner at Haleiwa Joe's. Who's next?

JD & Rashad: JD & Rashad

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro

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