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Kid Peligro

Sunday, January 30, 2011

IBJJF European Open Results - Alliance Starts the year with a BANG!

Photo courtesy Fabio Gurgel

The European Open is now in the books and the powerhouse Alliance Team started the year where it finished 2010 with a win. Sergio Moraes won the Absolute and came in second to Braulio Estima in his medium-heavy weight category. Atos team closed out the Feather, while Aryzinho won his first major in the Super-feather in a huge upset over Bruno Malfacine. Alliance's double Lucas Lepri and Michel Langhi closed out the light weight while Claudio Calsans won the middle. Bernardo Rocha took the Heavy while Lucio Lagarto took the Super heavy. Brasa Teammates Rodrigo "Comprido" and Igor Silva closed out the Ultra heavy.(read more)

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Strikeforce Diaz v Cyborg Quick Results

Strikeforce Dias

Strikeforce: Diaz v Cyborg Main Fights (Live On Showtime):

Nick Diaz v Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos
Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza v Robbie Lawler (read more)

Don't forget Strikeforce tonight

Don't forget Strikeforce tonight on Showtime with Roger Gracie, Ronaldo "Jacare", "Cyborg", Nick Dias, Robbie Lawler, Trevor Prangley all fighting in one of the best cards in a while. Check here and Kid's for results as they occur

Later . . .

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Great day of surf and more

Today was a great day! Good surfing with friends including Master Royler Gracie, then enjoyed the rest of the day with the bro's (after working of course). Weather in San Diego has been great, more like summer than winter. Can't believe everyone doesn't move here.

My elbow is feeling strong and almost 100%. Soon I'll be back giving hell to my training partners and to my Ginastica Natural athletes. "Da Boyz" better be ready for some hard workouts . . . .

Because  I'm coming in H O T ! ! !

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro

Thursday, January 27, 2011

IBJJF European Open Results and Gallery - Kron Gracie Seminar in Louisiana - BJJ Black Belt Camp in Greece


IBJJF European Open Results and Gallery

The European Open 2011 is in full swing and IBJJF is doing a great job with partial results and a great photo gallery. Follow them on twitter at   (read more)

Kron Gracie Seminar in West Monroe, Louisiana

Kron Gracie, son of the legendary Rickson Gracie, returns to West Monroe to conduct another seminar. The event takes place on  February 12th at John Blunchi's Academy (Team Hopkins GJJ). (read more)

Black Belt BJJ Camp in Greece

This year, for the first time, the leaders of Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP decided the event will be in Rio de Janeiro, but instead will have it in GREECE. Check out the ir announcement below:
"Both Felipe and I (Comprido) have visited the location and it’s wonderful. Located 30 minutes from Athens, something that will allow us to visit all the sight seems and still steps away from the beach, just like our traditional CAMP in Rio. (read more)

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

IBJJF European Open Ready to go - Rodrigo "Comprido" Update - Ginastica Natural in Mexico - Royler Video at Gracie Miami

Mats at Euro 2011

IBJJF European Open Ready to go
(Photo courtesy IBJJF)

IBJJF has finalized all the preparations for the European Open and in a few hours athletes from all over the World will be battling the mats for Gold. Stay tuned for some great match up especially in the Black Belt division. You can check out all the brackets here: (read more)

Rodrigo "Comprido" Medeiros Update

After spending a few days in Greece where he conducted several seminars and private classes former 2 X absolute Champion Rodrigo Medeiros is now in Portugal ready to compete in the European '11. (read more)

Alvaro Romano and Ginastica Natural Seminar in Mexico

Professor Alvaro Romano will be conducting a Ginastica Natural Seminar in Mexico. Check out the poster below for details and make sure to be there : ) (read more)

Royler Gracie Video At Gracie Miami
Here is the video of the seminar @RoylerGracie and Royce taught at Gracie Miami:

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Abu Dhabi World Pro Trials-Jersey City, New Jersey USA (February 5th)


The Abu Dhabi World Pro Trials are heating up with some of the world's best in jiu-jitsu eyeing the trip to Abu Dhabi and the title of World Pro Champion!
Registrations have been rolling in with competitors from all over the east coast of the United states, Canada, and even Brazil. (read more)

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Kid  Peligro

European Open Chronogram - "Wizzard" Xavier European Tour

Kid Peligro 200x200.jpg

European Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship Chronogram


The athletes who placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each adult blue male, adult purple male and adult brown male weight division are eligible to compete in the Open Class division.The athletes who are eligible and wish to compete in this division should report to the admin table after your division is finished and the medals are awarded so that you may register.
(read more)

"Wizzard" Xavier European Seminar Tour

Leonardo "Wizzard" Xavier, a Gracie Humaita Black Belt, is taking his great Jiu-Jitsu teaching style and techniques for an European tour. The tour starts in March and Leo will be in Italy, Netherlands and Sweden plus others to be announced. Don't miss the chance to learn from one of Kid Peligro's favorite instructors! (read more)

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro

Volcom Pipe Pro ready to go

The Volcom Pipeline Pro is one of the best events of the each. With top Hawaiians charging Pipe during prime time. Last year the event was better than the Pipe Masters with local boys and some top internationals competing in large and epic conditions.

The event window started today but is was a lay Day as they await for even better surf coming. Check for all the contest details and to watch it live probably starting tomorrow

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rubens Charles "Cobrinha" Interview

Rubens Charles Maciel "Cobrinha" 2009 Worlds all Photos (c) Kid Peligro

Many years ago during one of his visits then World Champion and Co-leader of "TT" academy Fernando "Terere" told me: "Kid, I have a new student that is going to be the next big thing! He is going to be a World Champion, his name is "Cobrinha". I was later that year introduced to "Cobrinha" in Rio during the Worlds. Well "Terere's" prediction turned out to be true, 4 times true as "Cobrinha" dominated the division and won the World title that many times along with several Pan and other titles.

"Cobrinha" had great fortune to train and learn from "Terere", then Fabio Gurgel and Alliance leader Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti. After spending 3 years int eh main Alliance Academy in Atlanta, "Cobrinha" is seeking new heights as he moved to L.A., California to open hi own academy. We caught up with Rubens Charles shortly after his arrival in LA.. (read more)

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kalani Chapman at Pipe

Check out this video from of Kalani Chapman's waves at Pipe:

European On Fire Top Fighters Competing - Rickson, Royler and Flavio Canto Seminar was off the charts - Children Institute

Kid Peligro 200x200.jpg

The IBJJF announced today that the European BJJ will go off with around 1900 competitors. Amongst them are top dogs like Sergio Moraes, Braulio Estima, Bruno Frazatto, Rafael Lovato, Rodrigo Comprido, Rodrigo "Cavaca", Bruno Malfacine, Mendes Brothers, Megaton, Lucas Lepri, Michel Langhi, J. Torres, Tanquinho, Claudio Calasans, Victor Estima, Kyra Gracia, Ryan Hall, (read more)

Rickson, Royler and Flavio Canto Seminar was off the charts

The Super-seminar conducted by "tops" Rickson, Royler and Flavio Canto to help out the flood victims in the mountainous regions of Rio was off the Richter. The seminar had over 800 participants and collected  (read more)

Caique Jiu Jitsu Academy Message

The Instituto da Criança (The Children's Institute) was founded in 1994 and is dedicated to promoting social change and sustainable development through social entrepreneurship for the benefit of underserved children and their families in Brazil. Master Caique has been involved with the institute since it's beginning, his long-time friend Pedro Werneck has grown it into a nation wide program. (read more)

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Monday, January 17, 2011

The one you've been waiting for - Roger Gracie Interview

Roger Gracie Abs

Roger Gracie Interview
The name Roger Gracie conjures up images of great matches, dramatic finals and especially submission wins. Roger has been competing and winning in JJ for many years; with an unprecedented record of 8 consecutive finals in the Black Belt Worlds Absolute (with 3 wins). Roger has numerous submission wins in both JJ and submission grappling  including a stellar performance in 2005 ADCC in LA, where he submitted all 8 opponents on the way to winning the weight and absolute titles.

Over that period Roger has arguably been the best in the World in BJJ and ADCC. Now Roger is re-igniting his MMA career at full speed in Strikeforce. Check out what the 3 times World Absolute BJJ Champion and ADCC Absolute Champion had to say:

KP- In 2010 you conquered what no one else had done before, winning the 3rd World BJJ Absolute title. What did that represent to you?

RG: To be honest it didn't represent much, of course I am very happy to have conquered those titles but what really makes me happy is to enter the arena and face the best fighters in the world. And to realize that something that I've dedicated my entire life to is showing results. The titles are a consequence of that and are on a secondary plane. You have to look forward and leave past achievements in the past. Maybe when I retire I can look back and see what I've accomplished but until then there is a lot more ground to cover (laughs) (read more)

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rickson, Royler & Flavio Canto Seminar - Royler Gi Charity - Kron Gracie to face JT Torres in Arizona - Mario Sperry Ads his word of help

Kid Peligro 200x200.jpg

Rickson, Royler and Flavio Canto Seminar in Rio

Just a reminder that the three tops are holding a benefit seminar this Wednesday January 19th in Rio. The seminar proceeds (non-perishable goods) will go to the victims of the floods in the mountain regions of Rio.

Click here to read the complete story

Autographed Royler Gracie Gi Auction benefit

Royler Gracie has donated his Official Autographed Gi for a special reason.  As many of you may know, Rio de Janeiro has been affected by terrible storms which so far more than 600 people died.  So, Royler is donating his Gi in order to raise funds for the flooding victims.

All martial artists are invited to participate on it. (read more)

ATT's Reynaldo "Reyzinho" Duarte Organizes a benefit Seminar for Pablo Popovich

"We are organizing a seminar to benefit the father of Pablo Popovitch who is in critical condition in a hospital in Teresopolis. Pablo's father was a victim of the horrible tragedy in Teresopolis where flooding and mudslides have already claimed hundreds of lives. We are trying to put together a seminar on the 30/1  (read more)

Kron Gracie to face JT Torres in the 6th Arizona Open

Gustavo Dantas and the Arizona State Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (AZSBJJF) announce the 6th Arizona Open. The event takes place on February 26 & 27 with an exciting super-fight. Kron Gracie v JT Torres. Kron, the winner of the superfight last year against Philippe De La Monica (read more)

Mario Sperry ads his word of help Check out this youtube video

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rio needs your help: Top BJJ'ers and Judoca helping Flood victims and ask for a hand

Having been away living in the USA for many decades I get distant sometimes from the occurrences in my home Country. I watched the news of the floods and devastation in Rio and remember back in the days growing up there when similar situations occurred and I and my wife to be, witnessed first hand the damage. So when this last flood happened I was saddened but it didn't hit me as hard as it should have, but when my friends come to me with somber voices I realize the magnitude of the tragedy. I remember the song from George Harrison about the famine in Bangladesh: My friend came to me with sadness in his eyes, he said he wanted help before his Country died. Although I couldn't feel the pain, I knew I had to try .. . now I'm asking all of you to help him save some lives" . . . I'm well aware that the tragedy in Rio pales in comparison to Bangladesh 's however for the people that are suffering and those who are trying to help, the feeling is the same. So I'm asking you for help: (There are two articles below plus a portuguese version so make sure to scroll down and read both please)

Rickson, Royler and Flavio Canto Seminar to help the victims

When watching the drama facing thousands in the "Região Serrana" in Rio de Janeiro, the fight community is mobilizing and joining in with their solidarity and strength.

Next Wednesday, January 19th at 8:30 PM at the Escola de Educação Física do Exército, in Urca, three fighting icons are performing a unique seminar. Rickson Gracie, hte great Jiu-Jitsu champion, his brother Royler Gracie will join Olympic medalist Flavio Canto for a seminar to help the victims of the tragedy and the newly homeless from Região Serrana do Estado do Rio de Janeiro.

" The idea is to have much more than a technical seminar. Our objective is to mobilize the martial arts community, fraternize and have the opportunity to see old friends so we can join and help the thousands that are suffering from this tragedy that ravaged the cities of Teresópolis, Petrópolis and Nova Friburgo.", stated Royler.

"The "fee" for the seminar is a minimum of 5KG of non-perishable food per person. Our challenge and expectation is to collect over a ton of food." added Judoca Flávio Canto.

"It is extremely important for all practitioners, independent of the martial art they represent, or which academy they go, to appear and make the sport of fighting the tool to help society" completed Rickson.
(read more)

Since the above seminar is mostly directed to the Brazilian crowd I am posting the original version in Portuguese:

Diante do drama vivido por milhares de pessoas na Região Serrana do Rio de Janeiro, a comunidade da luta pretende dar uma demonstração de força e solidariedade.

Na próxima quarta-feira, dia 19 de Janeiro, às 20:30 na Escola de Educação Física do Exército, na Urca, três ícones da luta se unirão para um seminário único. O grande campeão de Jiu-Jitsu Rickson Gracie, seu irmão e tetra-campeão mundial de Jiu-Jitsu Royler Gracie, se encontram com o medalhista olímpico de Judô Flávio Canto para um seminário em favor dos desabrigados na Região Serrana do Estado do Rio de Janeiro.

(read more)

A Escola de Educação Física do Exército fica na Avenida João Luiz Alves, S/No - Urca.

Mais detalhes no site

no twitter: @monksports

ou através do e-mail:

Veja o vídeo do Royler Gracie convidando para "A Luta da Solidariedade":

Camps seek support (reproduced from

Torrential downpours have wreaked havoc to Nova Friburgo, Brazil, and a pair of influential MMA training camps are turning to the fight community to ask for assistance in battling deadly mudslides.
With hundreds already dead in the Rio de Janeiro municipality, and countless more currently missing, Florida-based camps Team Armory and American Top Team have set up a charity fund at and are asking for donations to assist in the relief efforts. spoke with longtime MMA manager Alex Davis, a native of Nova Friburgo who is on the ground in Brazil assisting with the efforts, and he described the devastation first-hand. 
"Dear friends – MMA friends and everybody – I'm talking to you guys from Nova Friburgo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil," Davis said. "It's my hometown. I can't even begin to explain to you what's happened here. There are entire regions that have been wiped out. Thousands of people are without water and food. Hundreds of people, if not thousands, are buried under mudslides so deep that they will never be found. Whole families have been wiped out. It's to the point that there may be no one left to even remind us that these people were once there.
(read the entire article)

"Alex is on the ground in Nova Friburgo. All the money will go directly to the city for some of the most desperately needed items, including food, medicine and shelter."
 Make a contribution...

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Royler Autographed Gi for Solidarity to the flood victims in Rio

Royler Gracie Official Autographed Gi for Solidarity to the Flood victims in Rio

Royler Gracie has donated his Official Autographed Gi for a special reason.

As many of you may know, Rio de Janeiro has been affected by terrible storms which so far more than 500 people died.

So, Royler is donating his Gi in order to raise funds for the flooding victims.

All martial arts are invited to participate on it.

Please check the picture and also visit our websites:

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro

Royce Gracie Promotes Royalty - Drysdale Jiu-Jitsu Special

Royce n Sheikh Makhtoum

Royce Gracie Promotes Royalty
- (pic: Sheikh Makhtoum and Royce)

Royce Gracie spares no effort in his on going quest to expand Jiu-Jitsu worldwide. Royce travels everywhere, USA, Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East conducting seminars and promoting the family art. Recently Royce has been going to the U.A.E. more frequently for seminars and private lessons. The reception there has been great, of course the U.A.E. already has a strong tradition of BJJ, but more in Abu Dhabi than in Dubai. Now Royce, who has a representative in Dubai, is proud to announce that one of his students, Sheikh Makhtoum of Dubai has been promoted to Blue Belt! Sheikh Makhtoum is a member of Dubai's Royal family. (read more)

Robert Drysdale Jiu-Jitsu Specials
(read more)

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Surfer Mag Travel cost comparrison

If you travel and surf, bringng your boards along can be very costly, check out this twitter @SURFER_Magazine article with board charges for amost airlines. Great work @SURFER_Magazine !

Kid  Peligro

European 2001 exploding - Joe Moreira Tourney and Grand Master Mansur Seminar

Kid Peligro 200x200.jpg
European 2011 Explodes

Word from the IBJJF is that the European 2011 has surpassed 1000 competitors.This not only confirms that the European has become one of the crown jewels of the international circuit but also confirms the strength of BJJ in Europe. The crown jewels in my opinion are: Worlds, Pan, European, Brazilian Nationals and the Asian. At some point one would think a World ranking would be developed and presented by the IBJJF.

(read more)

Joe Moreira Tournament and Grandmaster Mansur Seminar this weekend

Registration and Rules

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Abu Dhabi Pro Trials East - ADCC Trials West - Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu in Puerto Rico - US Gracie Nationals Gracie Kids Worlds

ADCC East NJ 2011

ADCC Pro North American Trials East

East Coast February 5th - Jersey City

For the first time ever, the World Professional Jiu-jitsu Cup, will be hosting a US trials in New Jersey, amongst other locations across North America.

Winners of this trials will be receiving all expenses paid trips to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, to compete for a chance to win large cash prizes, and the prestige of being named the world champion! There will also be a special prize of $4000.00 offered for the winner of the Brown/Black Belt category Absolute division. The trials will be held on February 5th 2011, in Jersey City New Jersey, at the Jersey City Armory. Behind apart of Brazillian Jiu-jitsu history, by seeing some of the continents best competitors compete in this once in a lifetime opportunity! 

*The Abu Dhabi Pro is NOT the ADCC. The ADCC events are Professional Submission Fighting competitions where as the Abu Dhabi Pro is a Pro BJJ Series.

(read more)

ADCC West Coast Trials March 12th San Diego

ADCC North American Trails WestADCC North American Trails West

For more info go to:

Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu in Puerto Rico

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu GI and NOGI World Champion, Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu will be in the island of Puerto Rico for a seminar on January 15th 2011 .  (read more)

US Gracie Nationals and Gracie Kids Worlds

Pre-Registration closes Midnight January 14th!
Enjoy the benefits of Pre-Reg! The Gracie US Nationals and Gracie Kids Worlds
* Save $20 dollars 
* Guaranteed Event T-Shirt
* Loaded Gracie Goodie Bag (read more)

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Marcelo Garcia Interview

Marcelo Garcia Academy

Marcelo Garcia needs no introduction, the phenomenal BJJ and Submission grappling practitioner/instructor first burst in the international scene in 2003 by winning ADCC. Marcelo entered the tournament as a virtual unknown (outside Brazil) as a last minute alternate replacement. Since then Garcia won 2 more ADCC titles ('05 and '07) and numerous World BJJ titles. Garcia has a strong following both as a competitor and instructor.

Besides being a super nice guy Garcia's smile and attitude has set him as a very reachable and likable person. But that all changes when you face him on the mat as Garcia usual style is to go for the kill. Since moving to New York City from his native Brazil, Garcia opened and academy and an on-line training while still managing to compete in most major events.

We caught up with Garcia recently after he found time in his busy schedule that has only gotten busier with the remodeling of the academy

KP- What have you been working on lately?

MG-I really have been focusing on my school, my students, because the school and website are related the better the first gets the better the website will be, I really don't even think that I am being filmed, is just my normal regular class so it makes it more natural, and I am really happy with the results so far. (read more)

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro

Monday, January 10, 2011

Royler Gracie Camp in Rio - Grandmaster Mansur at BHJJ

Royler Camp Group 2011

Royler Gracie Camp in Rio Going Strong
The Royler Gracie JJ Camp in Rio is in full force. Royler and organizer Rodrigo Antunes are going full speed keeping the attendees not only on the mats but also touring the town. Royler took his people to Pedra Bonita to watch Rio from above and check out the hang gliders. It is also a very good hike. Additionally all attendees get to experience the mats of Gracie Humaita and instructions of the legendary Royler (read more)

Grandmaster Mansur Special Class at Beverly Hills BJJ Club

Marcus Vinicius and the Beverly Hills BJJ Club is proud to welcome Grandmaster Mansur to a special class. The Grandmaster is one of the few living Red Belts! (read more)

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout Highlights by Surfer Mag

2011 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout Highlights by Surfer Mag

Check out the highlights of a great contest. The waves were great and the boys were performing. Check out John John's first backdoor wave, Freddy P's air, Makua's second wave and Kalani's BOMB! Congratulations to all and to Da Hui for always putting a great event.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

European On Fire - Tri State Grappling Challenge

Kid Peligro 200x200.jpg

European on Fire

The European BJJ tournament has been gaining more momentum with each year. This year registration is very strong and top competitors are flocking to the Old Continent for a shot at Euro Gold. Already reported that CheckMat team is leading a strong contingent of fighters by Chico Mendes and Leo Vieira to the event.  Amongst others are Lucas Leite, Alan Finfou, Rodrigo "Cavaca", Leandro Leo and Vitor Costa. (read more)

Last days to register with discount!
Competitors will be able to register paying with discount till January 7th 2011.
The tournament will take place on January 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th, in Lisboa, Portugal.
  • $110.00 by 07/jan/2011 (equivalent to 80 euros)
  • $130.00 by 19/jan/2011 (equivalent to 93 euros)
(read more)

5th Tri-State Grappling Championships
The Online Pre-Registration deadline is Wednesday, January 12th.  You may still register on Jan. 14th or Jan. 15th (cash only).

The schedule for the upcoming event is:

Norwood High School
2020 Sherman Avenue
Norwood, OH 45212

Driving Directions

Saturday January 15, 2011 from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST
Add to my calendar
(read more)

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Abu Dhabi Pro Trials-USA in New Jersey - Ruben Charles "Cobrinha" moving to LA - Jiu Jitsu By the Sea tournament

Abu Dhabi Pro New Jersey

Abu Dhabi Pro Trials-USA New Jersey (Feb 5th)

The New Jersey Trial for the World Professional Jiu Jitsu Cup will be held on February 5th, 2011 in Jersey City, New Jersey USA. Thirteen winners of select divisions will win an all expenses paid trip to Abu Dhabi to compete in the World Professional Jiu Jitsu Cup in April 2011. 

This is a PRE-REGISTRATION only event! To sign up go to:
The No-Gi tournament will be held in Abu Dhabi on April 8 and 9, 2011 and the Gi tournament will be held April 14, 15, and 16. (read more)

Rubens Charles "Cobrinha" on his way to California

Rubens "Cobrinha" CharlesRubens "Cobrinha" Charles - Worlds 2009 Finals - 4th time Champion

After 3 years serving under Alliance leader and founder Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti, multiple times World Champion and all around great guy Rubens Charles "Cobrinha" is moving to California. As you read this "Cobrinha" is on the road, driving towards the Golden State to realize his dream of having his own Academy.
Cobrinha's new school will be located at 4929 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 104, Los Angeles, Ca. For more info check out

More on the move and school news soon.

Congratulations to a super guy on realizing his dream!

Jiu-Jitsu BY The Sea winter 2011 - From Claudio Franca BJJ

     In three weeks Claudio Franca BJJ will have the first tournament of the new year. With the Pan-Am, World's, and the American Cup right around the corner, the Jiu-Jitsu by the Sea tournament is a great way for you to sharpen your skills and get yourself back into fighting shape. Also, since this competition is one of the best for the kids in the area, it could be a great day of fun for the whole family.
(read more)

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wow finally! ! ! Into facebook and into tweeter and its all connected

Man they don't make this easy but I've finally got into facebook (that wasn't hard) but connected my blog and facebook and tweeter. Now every time I do a post it'll go on all of them instead of having to add one by one. I can tell you this, it was hard to find correct info on how to do this . The internet is great but the level of information is not as easy as it should be. It is like going back to the dark ages of DOS (old microsoft operating system - pre-windows). Trying to find things by yourself takes a lot of googling and lots of frustration. I should have hired a 14 year old to do this instead of trying to figure out myself : )

Anyways here it goes


Kid  Peligro

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Royce Gracie Seminars in Dubai and Kuwait - Chico Mendes Seminar Tour and CheckMAt BJJ Camp

Royce v Akebono
Royce v Akebono Picture Courtesy FEG

Royce Gracie Returns to Middle East for a seminars

The legendary Royce Gracie is returning to the Middle East for a couple of Seminars. Royce will be in U.A.E., specifically Dubai on January 8th and will then go to Kuwait. Check out the schedule below: (read more)

CheckMat Chico Mendes Seminar Tour and Check Mat BJJ Camp
Chico Mendes

CheckMat BJJ Black Belt Chico Mendes is going to Hörby, Sweden to conduct a seminar at the local CheckMat BJJ Horby. After the seminar Chico leaves for Portugal where he is going to join the large CheckMat Team in the European Tournament. CheckMat is bringing top fighters like Igor Baixinho, Leandro Leu, Maximiliano Campos, Bob Esponja, Alan Finfou, Buchecha, Cavaca, Vitor Costa (read more)

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro

Monday, January 3, 2011

"Comprido" returns from Texas - 5th Tri State Grappling

Comprido in Texas
"Comprido" returns from Texas
Rodrigo "Comprido" Medeiros recently returned from a short stint in Texas. Rodrigo was there to visit Brasa West Texas Academy and went to NAGA event there. At NAGA Rodrigo met up with Mrio "Esfiha" who is teaching at Brasa Austin. Comprido took the time in Texas to promote some students like Jaime Lara (Brown), Tony Cristolulu (Purple), Zech Pridgen ,Dakota Kinble (Blue). (read more)

5th Tri-State
Grappling Championships
Norwood High School
2020 Sherman Avenue
Norwood, OH 45212

Driving Directions

Saturday January 15, 2011 from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST
Add to my calendar
We are only 2 weeks away from the 1st OGC of 2011!!!

Due to a delay in mailing out the "promotional postcard" for this event, we have decided to extend the offer for a FREE OGC T-shirt until Friday, January 7th. So, If you complete the Online Pre-Registration before Friday, January 7th, you will get a FREE shirt. 

The online Pre-Registration deadline is Wednesday, January 12th

(read more)

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Interview: Fernando Augusto Da Silva "Terere"

Terere in Worlds 04

Fernando Augusto Da Silva, "Terere" was a man that inspired many. Growing up in the slums of Cantagalo, "Terere" found in Jiu-Jitsu an escape and an inspiration to glory. After joining Alliance Team with Octavio Couto, Terere kept improving and impressing until he got his Black Belt under Alexandre  "Gigi" Paiva. Terere burst into the competitive scene like a rocket, victories over then Absolute Champion Marcio "Pe de Pano" Cruz in the National titles and his first Black Belt title in '00 over "Nino" Schembri made everyone notice the electric middle weight from Cantagalo. In 2003 "Terere" defeated Marcelo Garcia to reach his second World title. At that time, already a legend in his community and an inspiration to many, Terere was reaching stride. His matches were always exciting and a crowd favorite. His demeanor and smile made him a favorite of most everyone. When Terere entered the mats he was cheered with the chant: "Huh Terere! Huh Terere!"

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