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Kid Peligro

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rickson, Royler & Flavio Canto Seminar - Royler Gi Charity - Kron Gracie to face JT Torres in Arizona - Mario Sperry Ads his word of help

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Rickson, Royler and Flavio Canto Seminar in Rio

Just a reminder that the three tops are holding a benefit seminar this Wednesday January 19th in Rio. The seminar proceeds (non-perishable goods) will go to the victims of the floods in the mountain regions of Rio.

Click here to read the complete story

Autographed Royler Gracie Gi Auction benefit

Royler Gracie has donated his Official Autographed Gi for a special reason.  As many of you may know, Rio de Janeiro has been affected by terrible storms which so far more than 600 people died.  So, Royler is donating his Gi in order to raise funds for the flooding victims.

All martial artists are invited to participate on it. (read more)

ATT's Reynaldo "Reyzinho" Duarte Organizes a benefit Seminar for Pablo Popovich

"We are organizing a seminar to benefit the father of Pablo Popovitch who is in critical condition in a hospital in Teresopolis. Pablo's father was a victim of the horrible tragedy in Teresopolis where flooding and mudslides have already claimed hundreds of lives. We are trying to put together a seminar on the 30/1  (read more)

Kron Gracie to face JT Torres in the 6th Arizona Open

Gustavo Dantas and the Arizona State Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (AZSBJJF) announce the 6th Arizona Open. The event takes place on February 26 & 27 with an exciting super-fight. Kron Gracie v JT Torres. Kron, the winner of the superfight last year against Philippe De La Monica (read more)

Mario Sperry ads his word of help Check out this youtube video

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