Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Monday, January 10, 2011

Royler Gracie Camp in Rio - Grandmaster Mansur at BHJJ

Royler Camp Group 2011

Royler Gracie Camp in Rio Going Strong
The Royler Gracie JJ Camp in Rio is in full force. Royler and organizer Rodrigo Antunes are going full speed keeping the attendees not only on the mats but also touring the town. Royler took his people to Pedra Bonita to watch Rio from above and check out the hang gliders. It is also a very good hike. Additionally all attendees get to experience the mats of Gracie Humaita and instructions of the legendary Royler (read more)

Grandmaster Mansur Special Class at Beverly Hills BJJ Club

Marcus Vinicius and the Beverly Hills BJJ Club is proud to welcome Grandmaster Mansur to a special class. The Grandmaster is one of the few living Red Belts! (read more)

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