Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fernando "Terere" video: Return of a Champion

If you haven't seen this you must. This video produced by Tatami Fightwear about "Terere's" training and preparation for the 2011 Worlds is really cool. It is called "Return of a Champion" and it is a glimpse of his current lifestyle and training. For those of us who followed him through his glory years and hard times, it is great to watch his focus and dedication once again. And beware, his speed and quickness are coming back : )

Can't wait to see you in LA "Terere", I'll be one in the crowd yelling: "Huh Terere . . . Huh Terere!"

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro

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