Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pan 2011 Final Day Results and Photo Gallery - Rodolfo Vieira takes double Gold

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Final day of the 2011 Pan was and excellent day of fights, the standout men was Rodolfo Vieira who took the gold on the weight and absolute defeating an in form Bernardo Faria twice in the finals once in the absolute and in the heavy. Other notables in the men's were Antonio Braga Neto who beat Peinado in the ultra-heavy, Claudio Calazans submitting Lucas Leite via wrist lock in the middleweight. Bruno Frazato and Rafael Mendes closing out their light feather weight as did Lucas Lepri and Michel Langhi in the light. A resurgent Andre Galvao beat Eduardo "Portugues" to reach gold once again in the medium-heavy. Marcus "Buchecha" submitted Bruno Bastos with a "brabo" choke to win the Super-heavy. Caio Terra defeated arch nemesis Bruno Malfacine and Rafael de Freitas "Barata" won a tight match over Felipe Costa in the rooster.(read more)

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