Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Black House Team Nogueira Academy Grand Opening - Rodrigo Medeiros Academy Celebrates 10 years - Daniel Moraes at Robert Traven's Savannah

Nogueira Bros Grand Opening
L-R: Rogerio, Royler, Anderson, Alvinho and Rodrigo

Black House Team Nogueira Academy Grand Opening in San Diego

The Nogueira Brothers celebrated the grand opening of their academy in San Diego. The event drew a humongous crowd with lines triple wide and more all the way to the street on both sides. Amazing turnout really. Inside many celebrities and industry people joined Rodrigo and Rogerio Nogueira, along with UFC Champion Anderson Silva, amongst the notables were Royler Gracie, Alvaro Romano (Ginastica Natural), Allan Boy (Da Hui), Igor Pereira (Acai Roots) & Brandon Vera. (read more)

Rodrigo Medeiros Celebrates 11 Years

Carlson Gracie Black Belt Rodrigo Medeiros celebrated 11 years of his academy in Pacific Beach. The celebration at his Pacific Beach Fight Center included a seminar by BJJ Revolution's co-leader and also Carlson Gracie Black Belt Julio "Foca" Fernandes. A belt promotion ceremony and a great open door buffet afterwards. The event drew the who's who of BJJ in San Diego, including and not limited to the following notables Royler Gracie, Alvaro Romano, Saulo Ribeiro, Kid Peligro, (read more)

Daniel Moraes at Mike Sergi

Moraes, Sergi's student John Rodgers, and Sergi after the workshop

3rd degree black belt and 11 time World medalist Daniel Moraes stopped in at Serg BJJ Team Roberto Traven Savannah for a workshop for his good friends in coastal Georgia on Wednesday, March 30th. (read more)

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