Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fabio Gurgel Comments on the World Pro BJJ: Abu Dhabi Pro - A Different Tournament

Fabio Gurgel, also known as "The General", co-leader of the powerhouse alliance team is a veteran of many tournaments both as a competitor (4 times World Champion) and as a coach (Five times World team Champion), so when he speaks people listen to his expert takes on the events. Here are his comments (from his facebook page) on the recent World Pro BJJ event held in Abu Dhabi:

"Abu Dhabi Pro, a different tournament!

One can say that there isn't another event like this one, it is the 2nd time I participate in in the 3 editions to date, this one was much superior but still controversial, it is a tournament with the greatest money prizes ever seen for fighters yet the brackets were scribbled in an amateurish incorrect fashion, I was told that the organizers distributed 300 air and hotel accommodations for the athletes yet they did not bring referees that are used to the high level matches that the event calls for (it is important to note that there were serious refereeing mistakes but overall the refereeing was ok). There are few tournaments with this technical level and the Absolute division appeared to be the best in recent jiu-jitsu history, yet, inexplicably traditional opponents read more)

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