Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kid Peligro at Gracie Technics - Live Streaming at Samurai Pro - Rolker Gracie Seminar in Chile - Ginasica Natural Certification Course in San Diego - Rylan Lizares Seminar in Oregon

Kid at Rylans

Kid Peligro Seminar at Rylan Lizares' Gracie Technics Academy in Honolulu

Kid wants to thank everyone that attended the seminar yesterday. I had a great time with a great group. Big thanks to Rylan for being such a great host, Jeff "JD" Doner for being a good friend and taking me to all these places. Relson Gracie Black Belts Todd Tanaka and Shane Agena for their presence and support and Brian Wong for being my partner in the demos! Also my friend Kaleo Hosaka for the great patch!

Check out the pics of the event here:

Live Streaming from the Samurai Pro BJJ

Samurai Black Belt Pro LIVE STREAMING for only $9.99 ! ! ! 
Live Stream Starts at 4 pm 9 (read more)

Rolker Gracie Seminar in Chile

Sábado 28 de MAYO 2011
16:00 horas Gimnasio de la Corporación Municipal de Viña del mar (read more)

Ginastica natural Certification Camp in San Diego, Ca

Do you want to be a CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR under PROFESSOR ALVARO ROMANO? Be part our team!
Certification Course in June 2011:
Where: San Diego, CA (read more)

Rylan Lizares Seminar in Oregon

Gracie Technics Honolulu leader Rylan Lizares will be in Oregon for a seminar. The event goes down on Saturday May 14 from 11:00Am to 2:00 PM. check out the poster below for more info. Don't miss the chance to learn from one of Pedro Sauer's finest Black Belts!

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro

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