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Kid Peligro

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lower's Surf Session with Slates, Taj, Dane and Freddy P

Since we are talking surfing and summer time, check out this article and pics of last week's Trestles surf session with Slater, Taj, Dane, Freddy P and others. Check out P's track on his backside carve, guess the knee is back : )

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Mark Healey Interview on

Nice video interview on with one of the bravest, craziest, nicest guys you'll ever meet: Mark Healey!

Check it:

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Behind the Scenes at Vitor Belfort's UFC Countdown - Leandro Vieira Seminar in San Jose - BJJ Camp in Greece

Alvaro Romano and Vitor Belfort

Behind the Scenes at UFC Countdown with Vitor Belfort

Here is an youtube video with behind the scenes at Vitor Belfort's UFC countdown:

Leandro Vieira Seminar

Checkmat Black Belt Leandro Vieira will be conducting a two day seminar at AKA academy on July 9 & 10, 2011. Check out the poster below for more info (rear more)

The most famous and prestigious BJJ CAMP in the World will have its 2011 edition in GREECE.

Multiple time World Champions Rodrigo "Comprido" and Felipe Costa were personally in the location to assure it was up to the standard of the traditional Jiu Jitsu CAMP they have been leading for over 10 editions in Rio de Janeiro.  All details are set and they are expecting to full fill the space very fast.  (rear more)

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Kid at Ryan Hall's and Houston - Xande at Gracie Technics - Jiu-Jitsu at World MMA

Kid at Ryan Hall Group

Kid Peligro Seminar at Ryan Hall's 50/50 Academy

This past Saturday Kid conducted a seminar at Ryan Hall's 50/50 Academy in Arlington, Virginia. The seminar was really cool and the attendees seemed to enjoy it (see review below). Kid wants to take the time to thank everyone that attended and especially Ryan and Jen for their efforts in organizing and hosting the seminar and being such great hosts and Seth for being my partner in demoing the techs! Hope to be back soon!

PS: Sorry to for the attendees that left early (seminar ran long) for not being on the group pic, next time for sure!
Seth, Kid, Ryan and Jen Seth, Kid, Ryan and Jen

Kid Peligro Seminar Review from MMA.TV by Anarkis:

"Today I attended a Kid Peligro seminar at 50/50. The seminar was originally slated for about three hours in length. I guess Kid had an agenda though and wanted to make sure he covered plenty of things. The seminar end up stretching for a whole four hours and fifteen minutes. During that time he covered some key concepts including common defenses, passes, and finally attacks. He also opened the floor to any question at the end.

What I got out of this kind of seminar really transcends a series of moves that lead someone to some form of championship run. The man was a wealth of similes and metaphors that ultimately provided key Jiu Jitsu concepts. I would say 50% of the concepts he covered I have seen some form of in the past. But his ability to really explain why they work and what you should be looking for was extremely helpful. I guess for me its when you separate someone who is good at Jiu Jitsu to someone who ascends to that Zen Master level.

He was very respectful to those who imparted some of the wisdom he shared, crediting Rickson, Royler and Terere. But he also was very respectful of high level sport Jiu Jitsu competitors and what they are able to accomplish. If you enjoy the books he puts out, his seminars are just as much in depth and cover very important details. I would highly recommend that you attend one given the opportunity and you will leave with some new and exciting ideas to improve your game.

I asked him what his next book was going to be, he told me that the publisher he used to use went out of business. He said he will most likely be putting out an Ebook next and that he plans on creating an App as well. I believe he is going to cover the guard concepts he went over in the seminar. "

Kid Peligro in Houston, TX

Kid's net seminar stop is going to be at Leonardo "Wizard" Xavier's academy in Houston, Texas. The seminar takes place on July 9th, 2011 from 12:30 to 3:30 PM. For more info email or check out See you there!

Check out the poster below for more info:

Xande Seminar at Gracie Technics in Oahu (By Jeff "JD" Doner")

Xande gave his final Seminar in Hawaii last Saturday at Rylan Lizares's Gracie Technics Honolulu. The (read more)

Jiu-Jitsu at World MMA

Jim Casas, an Allan Goes Black Belt,  just opened up his academy Jiu Jitsu at World MMA 23762 Mercury in Lake Forest Ca. The classes are: (read more)

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Relson Gracie Promotes 7 Black Belts - Kid Peligro in Arlington Virginia - Xande Ribeiro in Oahu - Leka Vieira Seminar

Relson 7 promotion
Photo Courtesy Mitchell Johnson/Todd Tanaka

Relson Gracie Promotes 7 New Black Belts

With his super-high standard, it is always big news when Relson promotes someone to Black Belt but last night it is huge news as Relson promoted 7 black belts in Hawaii. The deserving new graduates are: back row (read more)

Kid Peligro in Arlington, VA
Kid Peligro goes to Ryan Hall's 50/50 Academy for a seminar. The seminar is scheduled for 12-3pm on Saturday June 25th.
The academy is located at :
Fifty/50 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
3601 Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22201
For more info and ot sign up go to or call 301-335-945
Hope to see you there!

Xande Ribeiro Seminars in Oahu

Xande at Mad Tiger AcademyXande, JD, KAi Garcia and Eric Goo

Xande Ribeiro is conducting a few seminars in Hawaii. Here is the report from Jeff "JD" Doner about the one he attended: (read more)
Leka Vieira Women's Jiu Jitsu Seminar

Saturday, July 23 at 10:00am

Let's Roll Jiu Jitsu
1618 Gramercy Ave
Torrance, California

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Short clip of Alvaro Romano and Vitor Belfort training today in Vegas

Hawaii Triple Crown Results - Rener Gracie Seminar in Oahu - Leticia Ribeiro Seminar in NC - South Bay Open Deadlines

JD and Mad Tiger
(Photo: "JD" and Eric Goo with second place trophy)

Hawaii Triple Crown

This past weekend June 18th and 19th the Hawaii State Championships and 2nd leg of The Hawaii Triple Crown Of BJJ was held at the Neil Blaisdell Center, this event was also backed by the state of Hawaii and even had Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie make an appearance at the event site. (read more)
The event had over 250 competitors for Gi and no gi and the competition was fierce. 

Rener Gracie Seminar in Oahu

Rener Gracie, son of Rorion Gracie and co-head instructor of the Gracie Academy is coming to Oahu for a seminar. The event goes down at Team HK Academy on July 6th, 2011. Check out details below but don't miss this chance!   (read more)

Leticia Ribeiro Seminar

Multiple times ladies World Chamion Leticia Ribeiro is coming to Jacksonville, NC for seminar and private lessons. The seminar is on Friday at 7:00pm - June 26 at 2:00pm
(read more)

South Bay Open Deadlines

On-Line Registration Deadlines
The PRE-Registration deadline for competitors Midnight, Wednesday, July 6, 2011.
(read more)

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Bubba Gracie catches Gracie Academy

Got this from Rener Gracie. Pretty funny

"Watch and LAUGH! I even got my dad with this one --- kind of :) "

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Koa Rothman goes large!

My friend/student Koa Rothman, following nicely on the family footsteps goes large in Tahiti! Check out the footage:

Yeah Koa boy!

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Royler Gracie East Coast Seminars were huge - Andre Galvao Absolute in Houston - Royce Gracie Seminar in Scotland

Royler Gracie at Pedro Sauer

Royler Gracie East Seminars were huge

Royler Gracie conducted a couple of seminars on the East Coast this past couple of days and by the looks of the attendance his seminars are only getting stronger. Royler was at Professor Pedro Sauer's Academy (read more)

Andre Galvao is Absolute in Houston

ATOS Team co-leader Andre Galvao took his dynamic game to Fight for Faith tournament in Houston, Texas this Saturday where he won the Absolute division beating Gracie Barra's Alex Ceconi in the final. Andre submitted all 7 of his opponent's on his way to the title. Needless to say Andre (read more)

Royce Gracie Seminar - SCOTLAND

The legendary Royce Gracie goes to Scotland to conduct a seminar in July. The event takes lace on Saturday, July 23 at (read more)

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Kid  Peligro

Friday, June 17, 2011

Royler Gracie Seminar in Australia - Kid Peligro in Arlington, Va - Robson Moura in Ohio - Rodrigo "Comprido" in Ohio - Roberto Traven Superfight - Clark Gracie Seminar

Royler Sidney

Royler Gracie Seminar in Sidney, Australia

Royler Gracie returns to Australia for a series of seminars. Royler will visit Gracie Sidney on July 27, 2011 at 6:00PM. Check out the poster above for further info or contact:(read more)

Kid Peligro Seminar at Ryan Hall's 50/50 Academy in Arlington, Virginia

Kid Peligro goes to Ryan Hall's 50/50 Academy for a seminar. The seminar is scheduled for 12-3pm on Saturday June 25th.

The academy is located at :
Fifty/50 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
3601 Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22201

For more info and ot sign up go to or call 301-335-945

Robson Moura Seminar in Ohio

Robson Moura, Black belt from Nova Uniao will be teaching a BJJ Seminar at Dudu Barros Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Akron, OH. Robson is a 7 time World Champion, 9 times National Champion and Shooto Japan Veteran.

Date: Sunday, July 3rd - Time: 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM (read more)

Rodrigo "Comprido" Seminar in Ohio

Strong Style MMA and Fitness Center Presents - 7 times World Champion and 2 times Absolute Champion Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros
ON: JUNE 25, 2011  (read more)

Roberto Traven in Superfight

The Buckeye border super fights have been announced! Kroyler Gracie vs Don Richard (Caique), Dorian Robinson (Machado) vs John Walus (Rjja), and the main event will feature GMA representatives multiple time and Abu Dhabi superfight Champion ROBERTO TRAVEN VS Pan Am Champion SEAN BANSFIELD! (read more)

Clark Gracie Seminar

Clark Gracie Sem: Clark Gracie Sem

Competition Proven Techniques from Clark Gracie! Come Join us for this 3 hour seminar! Only $60!
June 23, 2011 at Faito Tamashii Combat Club.(read more)

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Truly a classic from the First Worlds: Wallid Ismael v Roberto "Roleta"

This is truly a classic from the first Worlds in 1996. The semifinals match between Wallid Ismael and Roberto "Roleta" Magalhaes. If memory serves me correctly Wallid was on a winning streak and Roleta had recently been promoted to Black. Regardless it was an epic battle. Check it:

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Absolute Champion Roger Gracie shows "his" move: The choke from the mount

Three times World Absolute Champion Roger Gracie demonstrates his patented move: THe choke from the mount. Learn from the best:

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Rickson Gracie Seminar in Rio - Kid Peligro Seminar in Arlington, Virgina and Houston, Texas

Rickson Seminar in Rio

Rickson Gracie Seminar in Rio
- Sponsored by Storm Kimonos

Rickson Gracie conducts a super seminar at the luxurious Sheraton Rio, presented by Storm Kimonos. The event goes down on Saturday, July 16 from 4:00pm to 7:00PM at the Sheraton Rio Hotel & Resort. to sign up go to
Don't miss the chance to learn from the Master!

Kid Peligro Seminar at Ryan Hall's 50/50 Academy in Arlington, Virginia

Kid Peligro goes to Ryan Hall's 50/50 for a seminar. The seminar is scheduled for 12-3pm on Saturday June 25th.

The academy is located at : 
Fifty/50 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
3601 Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22201

For more info and ot sign up go to

Kid Peligro at Leonardo Xavier's Academy in Houston, Texas

Kid will be at Leonardo "Wizzard" Xavier's Academy on July 9th, 2011. Check out the poster below for more info:


For more info email or check out

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Rickson Gracie Fans - A pair of Rickson Highlights

Monday, June 13, 2011

Alvaro Romano Training Rodrigo "Minotouro" - Royler Gracie Rio 2012 Camp sold out - "Xande" Ribeiro in Oahu - Submission Only Tournament

Alvinho wit Minotouro and Junior dos Santos

Ginastica Natural's Alvaro Romano with Rogerio "Minotouro"
Rogerio "Minotouro" continues his preparation for his U.F.C. fight in San Diego. Minotouro is training at Nogueira Brothers Academy with Andre Galvao and doing his physical training condition with Ginastica's Alvaro Romano. Romano is also training Vitor Belfort for the same event.

Royler Gracie Camp Rio 2012 is Sold Out

Royler CampRoyler Camp

From the promoter:
After 3 editions, Royler Gracie Jiu Jitsu Camp has become a success! To offer the best training and service to our guests, we have a limit of 15 people.
Since our camp is held each January, usually in September of previous year, we still have some spots  (read more)  a

"Xande" Ribeiro in Oahu
Multiple times World Absolute Champion "Xande" Ribeiro is going to Oahu for a R&R trip with his family. While there Xande will of course train with his friend Kai "Borg" Garcia and be at Eric Goo's Mad Tiger Academy. "Xande" is getting ready for ADCC in September so be careful when training with him : )

Submission Only Tournament

On August 6th, the OGC will host the 1st "Submission Only" competition ever held in the Cincinnati-metro area! With such a large number of high level BJJ academies around the region, we are expecting quality competitors from all over OH, TN, KY, IN, IL, WV, & MI!!! (read more) 

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The History Channel's Complete Helio Gracie Program

Gracie Competititon Eastlake opens - Chico Mendes in the UK

Gracie Comp Eastlk1

Gracie Competition Eastlake Opens

This past Saturday was the official Gracie Competition Eastlake Grand Opening. The event had several demonstrations and a seminar with Royler Gracie. Also present a the event were many Gracie Competition team Black Belts like Ricardo Guimaraes and co-owners Elias Gallegos and Jimmy Sanchez. One of the highlights of the event was a self-defense demonstration with Royler and Niko Launais (check the youtube video below). (read more)

Chico Mendes in the UK

Checkmat BJJ Black Belt Chico Mendes continues with his UK mission. Now in his second month, Mendes is living happily in Cheltenham. Mendes has been training really hard with Coach Paul Sutherland. Mendes has academies in 4 cities,(Cheltenham, Bristol, Worcester & Telford) and the results of his efforts are already showing with his students progressing super fast. Checkmat leader Leozinho Vieira will be going there to attest and check on the progress and conduct the annual graduation party in September

Mendes UK CheltenhamMendes UK Cheltenham (read more)

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Vitor Belfort and Rogerio "Minotouro" with Alvaro Romano - Gracie Competition Eastlake Grand Opening - South Bay Open

Alvaro Vitor

Vitor Belfort and Rogerio "Minotouro" with Alvaro Romano

Professor Alvaro Romano is busier than ever. The past few weeks, Romano has been training "The Phenom" Vitor Belfort in his preparation for his next U.F.C. match and now, Rogerio "Minotouro" has also secured the services of the Master trainer for his preparation for the same U.F.C. event. Along the way Alvaro did a training section at RVCA headquarters and many of the top members of ATOS team like Mendes Bros, Gilbert "Durinho" and Bruno Frazatto participated.  (read more)

Gracie Competition Eastlake Grand Opening
Saturday, June 11 · 10:00am - 3:00pm
Gracie Jiu JItsu Eastlake
821 Kuhn Drive Suite 110
Chula Vista, CA

(read more)

8th Annual South Bay Open

South Bay Open 2011

On-Line Registration Deadlines
The PRE-Registration deadline for competitors:  Midnight, Wednesday, July 6, 2011.
(read more)
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kid Peligro Seminar at Ryan Hall's Arlington, VA - Gracie Competition Eastlake Grand Opening - Roberto Traven Seminar

Kid Peligro 200x200.jpg

Kid Peligro Seminar at Ryan Hall's 50/50 Academy in Arlington, VA

Kid Peligro goes to Ryan Hall's 50/50 for a seminar. The seminar is scheduled for 12-3pm on Saturday June 25th.

The academy is located at : 
Fifty/50 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
3601 Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22201

For more info and ot sign up go to

Gracie Competition Eastlake Grand Opening

Saturday, June 11 · 10:00am - 3:00pm

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Eastlake
821 Kuhn Drive Suite 110
Chula Vista, CA

(read more) 

Roberto Traven Seminar at Serg BJJ in Savannah, Georgia

Multiple time Mundial champion, UFC Vet, and one of a few individuals to ever hold the title of ADCC Absolute Champion - Master Roberto Traven will be at Serg BJJ in Savannah visiting his association on Friday the 17th for a 2-hour gi seminar. (read more)

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Worlds 2011 Closing thoughts - Rickson Gracie promotes Jean Jacques Machado

Kid Peligro 200x200.jpg

Worlds 2011 Closing thoughts

We are all now still basking in the excitement of another Worlds. The event once again was tops. Organization, crowds and athletes all were at their best. Now some 36+ hours after the event, Kid is semi-rested and can offer his thoughts on the whole thing:

- Alliance Team wins its 6th Title - If there was any doubt which is the best competition team in the World, Alliance put an end to that question by winning its 6th title. Fourth in a row! This year they completed, as leader Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti puts it "the Grand Slam" by winning the team titles in the European, Brazilian Nationals, Pan and Worlds. That is a feat never before done. Congratulations to all at Alliance for that achievement (read more)

Rickson Gracie Promotes Jean Jacques Machado

Jean Jacques Machado was awarded his Red & Black Belt from Master Rickson Gracie last night. The ceremony took place at Rickson's school in West Los Angeles.

Congratulations to Jean Jacques, one of the class acts of BJJ, on his promotion.

8th Annual South Bay Open Around the corner

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Worlds 2011 Full Results : Alliance conquers 6th Title

Kid Peligro 200x200.jpg

Academy results:
Full Results of the 2011 Worlds
1- Alliance - 127
2- Checkmat BJJ - 59
3- Atos JJ - 44

Individual Results:

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Kid 2

Friday, June 3, 2011

2011 Worlds Latest Complete Results

Kid Peligro 200x200.jpg

Below are the complete 2011 Worlds results so far:

Academy Results:

1 - Alliance - 31 pts
2 - Ribeiro JJ - 16 pts
3 - Nova União - 15 pts
1- Atos - 18 pts
2- Frontline - 18 pts
3- Lloyd Irvin - 15 pts

(read more)

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Christian "Cyborg" WIns Gold in the Purple Belt

Strikeforce Champion and Andre Galvao's BJJ student Christiane "Cyborg" Won Gold in the purple belt division at the 2011 Golds. Check out this video by mmaprimetv of her competing. Congratulations Christiane

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Ad for Victory MMA video

Check out this ad made by our friend Echo Charles for Victory MMA. Pretty darn insane! Makes you want to get in the cage!

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Yesterday's Action Photo's at the Worlds by the IBJJF

Vitor Belfort in San Diego Training with Romano and Morango

Former U.F.C. Champion Vitor Belfort has been in San Diego, Ca for a few days. Belfort is training for his next fight his conditioning and preparation with Professor Alvaro Romano (Ginastica Natural) and MMA sparring and training with Fabricio "Morango" at Victory MMA.

Check out the short video of Belfort and Alvaro doing breathing exercises:

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,


Worlds 2011 Results so far

Academy Results:
1 - Nova União - 13 pts
2 - Alliance - 11 pts
3 - Ribeiro JJ - 10 pts

1- Gracie Barra - 36 pts
2- Gracie Elite - 29 pts
3- Mongolian JJ - 21 pts




FIRST Mathew Coppinger AC. The Avengers

SECOND Kevin Ortiz Drysdale JJ


THIRD Sebastian Ortiz Ac. Renato Tavares


FIRST David daniels Daniel Moraes

SECOND Eric S. Higaonnac Street Sports

THIRD Alex Martinez Undisputed

THIRD Lussier Richard Cia Paulista


FIRST Derek Boase Gracie Elite

SECOND Miguel Lopez Cia Paulista

THIRD Anthony Colacino Tomacelli BJJ

THIRD Sebastian Perez Paragon


FIRST Edward Gar Wei Ng The Alchemists - NGVT

SECOND Andrew Kerfoot Gracie Academy

THIRD Cooper Cardinale Nova União

THIRD Chris Leddy Ribeiro JJ



SECOND Charles Smith ACE JJ

THIRD James Mole Jr Team Quest

THIRD Aaron Mikell Yamasaki Academy


FIRST Christopher Escamilla Gracie Barra

SECOND Manumea Maheahea Toulon

THIRD Raul Valdez Cia Paulista

THIRD Chris Crosthwaite Gracie Barra



FIRST Amber Rowe Carlson Gracie Team

SECOND Adelita McGrath Carlson Gracie Team

THIRD Alexandria Welch Lloyd Irvin

THIRD Ashley Wade Nova União


FIRST Laura Anderson Gracie Barra

SECOND Christiana Cruz Universal Martial Arts

THIRD Lennie Alzate Undisputed

THIRD Angelica Bernal Cia Paulista


FIRST Erica Plummer Lotus Club

SECOND Tiffanie Dorrough Gracie Barra

THIRD Barbara Sipe Yamasaki Academy

THIRD Eliana Morales Raul Castillo


FIRST Katia Monterrey Cia Paulista

SECOND Katja Schulze BJJ Team Peter Schira

THIRD Ryan Rogge American Top Team

THIRD Katherine Healey Paragon


FIRST Stine Hegre Frontline

SECOND Brandi Farmer Roberto Traven

THIRD Claire Sukharev Kimura Bjj

THIRD Natasha Quiza AC. The Avengers


FIRST Hope Aiken Alliance

SECOND Tina Cho Alliance

THIRD Laura Bradford BJJ Revolution Team

THIRD Jennifer Rhymer Jiu-jitsu Foundation



FIRST Peter Kwan Ac. Combat Sports Centre


FIRST Jesse Garcia Premium Fitness

SECOND Ernesto Chavez Gracie Elite

THIRD Dean Reguidin Ribeiro JJ


FIRST Narangerel Ognoon Mongolian JJ

SECOND Han Kim Alliance

THIRD Rodolfo Soriano Atos

THIRD Gabe Klien Gracie Barra


FIRST David Wood Camarillo JJ

SECOND Brian Rule BJJ Revolution Team

THIRD Amid Alimuradov Team Link

THIRD James Rossfeld Caique JJ


FIRST Thomas Leithauser AC. The Avengers

SECOND Semchin Mungunkhuyag Gracie Elite

THIRD Mario Mantripp Check Mat Bjj

THIRD Scott Wondrely Brazilian Freestyle


FIRST Moses Lewis Brasa

SECOND Christopher Diaz Gracie Elite

THIRD Eryn Hardwick Gracie Barra

THIRD Mehdi Safa Check Mat Bjj


FIRST David Morehead Check Mat Bjj

SECOND Chris nordeen Paragon

THIRD Erich Cloninger BJJ

THIRD Alan Tasaka Atos


FIRST Edward Vasquez Gracie Barra

SECOND Justin Optiz Nova União

THIRD Jesus Davila Premium Fitness

THIRD Jeff Baniaga Gracie Barra


FIRST Odkhuu Batjargal Mongolian JJ

SECOND Myagmardorj Badarch Mongolian JJ

THIRD Tony Pycroft Gracie Jiu-jitsu

THIRD Charles Jones BJJ Revolution Team



FIRST Chad Stweart Paragon

SECOND Naveen Jeereddi Bevely Hills JJ Club

THIRD Paul Soukthavone BJJ Revolution Team

THIRD Jefferey Rohn Gracie Barra


FIRST James Teele Sparta MMA

SECOND Narendra Chandrashekar Coachella Valley

THIRD John Davies Gracie Barra

THIRD Kevin Joseph Bevely Hills JJ Club


FIRST Dylan Rigdon Tomacelli BJJ

SECOND Dana Riddle GF Team

THIRD Ruben Quevedo Gracie Elite

THIRD Antunez Thomas Lotus Club


FIRST John Fogarty BJJ Revolution Team

SECOND Scott Roffers Brasa

THIRD Gary Patterson Alliance

THIRD Gianluca Palombi Tribe JJ Roma


FIRST Alexander Richmond Nova União

SECOND Sergy Klokov Nova União

THIRD Gustavo Dornelles BJJ Revolution Team

THIRD Vasquez Anthony Gracie Elite


FIRST Scott Case Gracie Elite

SECOND David Handerson Megaton

THIRD Kevin Douglas Ricardo Barros JJ

THIRD William McCaslin Premium Fitness



FIRST Jose Luis Sandro Batata

SECOND Woolf Barnato Marin MMA

THIRD Firdavs Sulaimonov Ribeiro JJ

THIRD Adrian Tanner Gafar Origins BJJ


FIRST Marcio Andre Nova União

SECOND Jonathan Van Buren Nova União

THIRD Nestor Cortes BJJ Revolution Team

THIRD Sergio da Silva Nova União


FIRST Jacob Sandoval Alliance

SECOND Matthew Fox BJJ Revolution Team

THIRD Keith Cebula Lloyd Irvin

THIRD Joao Victor Melanda Peres Check Mat Bjj


FIRST Michael Liera Ribeiro JJ

SECOND Josh Presley Renzo Gracie

THIRD Ali Monfaredi Alliance

THIRD Caio Rigante Nunes Alliance



FIRST Tasawan Kovitprakornkul Ribeiro JJ

SECOND Jillian DeCoursey East Coast United BJJ

THIRD Helene Wenger Malicia Wenger

THIRD Lira Aguilar Check Mat Bjj


FIRST Eirin Catherine Nygren Frontline

SECOND Jhalan Lohoni Ribeiro JJ

THIRD Vanessa English Gracie Barra

THIRD Danielle Alvarez Nova União


FIRST Margaret Aase Frontline

SECOND Monique Elias Gracie Barra

THIRD Megan Lomonof Brasa

THIRD Karna Nelson Alliance


FIRST Victoria Trueb Roberto Traven

SECOND Kelly Faszholz Nova União

THIRD Mille Pederson Check Mat Bjj

THIRD Taylor Leonardi Ricardo Cavalcanti


FIRST Alexis Du Fresne Carlson Gracie Team

SECOND Alison Tremblay Brazilian Top Team

THIRD Megan Stoll-Rollyson Team Rollyson

THIRD Leah Taylor SBGi


FIRST Jessica Eve Richer Gracie Barra Long Island

SECOND Rita Floyd Lloyd Irvin

THIRD Victoria Pura Conquest BJJ

THIRD Sherri McCann BTT Canada

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Kid  Peligro