Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Sunday, July 17, 2011

ADCC 2011 U99Kg - Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu in Savannah and Mexico - Chicago Summer Open is on

ADCC 2011

ADCC 2011 - Alook at the U99KG division

The U99KG division is usually a competitive but not strongest divisions in past AdCC, this year however things are different. Returning Champion "Xande" Ribeiro joins new BJJ superstar Rodolfo Vieira and former Absolute and weight champion Roger Gracie in perhaps the toughest division ever at U99KG. Joining in on the fracas are former Absolute Champions Dean Lister and Robert Drysdale. This makes it 3 former Absolute Champions in one division alone.  Check out he names below:

2 KARI PELTOLA (read more)

Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu in Savannah, Georgia
Mike Sergi, leader of Serg BJJ in Savannah, Georgia is proud to bring top BJJ'er and submission grappler Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu for a seminar. (read more)

Cybrog in Mexico

After the Savannah Seminar, Roberto will be going to Mexico for a seminar. On Friday, September 2 & 3 at 6:30pm at Academia Nova Geracao in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Then on September 4th he will be in Cancun, Mexico.  (read more)

Chicago Summer Open is on!

After a few hick-ups caused by politicians and the likes the tournament is back on. (read more)

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