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Monday, July 25, 2011

Terere Seminar in Bauru, Brazil - Randy Malacas Free Seminar for the troops - Kid Peligro Iphone App - South Bay Open Pics

Terere Seminar
Fernando TERERÊ Seminar in Bauru
The phenomenal Fernando "Terere" will be conducting a seminar in the City of Bauru. The seminar goes down on Saturday July 30, 2011 starting at 2:00PM. The seminar will be at Professor Fábio Marmontel, in Bauru. for more info and to sign up call Fábio, at.: 14 9118.7591 or e-mail:

Randy Malacas July 4th training with the K-55 BJJ Team on Osan, Air Force Base. It was an awesome 4 hour session with Air Force and Army members

Randy Malacas July 4th training with the K-55 BJJ Team on Osan, Air Force Base. It was an awesome 4 hour session with Air Force and Army members

Nova Uniao's Black Belt Randy Malacas will conduct a free seminar for the troops. Malacas, an active member of US military is constantly giving his knowledge to the troops. Check out the info below and how up to learn some great stuff from my friend Randy (read more)

Kid Peligro Iphone App Secrets of the Closed Guard - More Great reviews

Kid Peligro's new Iphone app: "Secrets of the Closed Guard" continues to get great reviews. Check out the latest reviews:

Mike Sergi Robert Traven's Savannah, GA Rep

I was very happy to see that Kid Peligro decided to produce a BJJ app that is available on itunes. For those familiar with Kid's books you will notice that he produces quality stuff. For those that have been fortunate enough to learn and train from Kid you will be pleased to know that his BJJ app is of exceptional quality and similar to a typical class taught by Kid. If you've never had the pleasure of attending a class or seminar with Kid this instructional is a must.

For only $9.99 you get an amazing amount of technique. The app includes 11 different sections that include chokes, arm-locks, the triangle, the omoplata, and details about action/reaction, and many more. Professor Peligro covers fundamental to advanced techniques. What makes his teaching style so effective is that all of the techniques he shows are doable for beginners, intermediates, and advanced practitioners. The details that Kid provides for each technique or position are surprisingly simple yet were brand new to me even for the basic collar choke.

I've Just watched the omoplata section. Very nice explanation and very cool transition to arm lock

I highly recommend this instructional for students and teachers of BJJ from white belt to black belt.

Luke Beston - Royler-Royce Black Belt:

Kid is a Jiu Jitsu genius. Great Stuff

Get your copy at: "Secrets of the Closed Guard"

South Bay Open 2011 Pictures:

SB 2011 pictures are now available from their website: SB 2011 PICTURES

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro
Kid Peligro Iphone App: Secrets of the Closed Guard

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