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Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Rickson Gracie Seminar Quotes and Pictures - Boston Open

Rickson at Kron 1
L-R: Rodrigo, Ralek, Rickson, Kron and Crosley Gracie

Rickson Gracie Seminar Pics and Statements

As it has become customary. Rickson's seminar at Kron's last Friday had many top Black Belts in attendance, amongst them Rodrigo, Ralek and Crosley Gracie, Xande Ribeiro and John Blunchi

Rickson at Kron Black BeltsRickson at Kron w. Black Belts

Crosley Gracie: "It was spectacular. It was a renewal of my inspiration to pass the true essence of Jiu-Jitsu to others. I learned a lot!" (read more)

Rickson and Royler Rickson and Royler

Rickson and Royler w Gracie Humaita RepsRickson and Royler w Gracie Humaita Reps

Ricks on with Royler & Leticia RibeiroRicks on with Royler & Leticia Ribeiro

Group listening to the instructionGroup listening to the instruction

Royler and CiroRoyler and Ciro

Group Close up
Kid with Rickson/Kron Black Belt Brandon HetzlerKid with Rickson/Kron Black Belt Brandon Hetzler

After the seminar L-R Moshe, Royler, Ciro, Rickson and Kid

Last week to register!
The tournament will take place on August 27th 2011 (read more)

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  1. Great pics Kid! What a wonderful experience to train with so much experience all in one room. Wow!