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Kid Peligro

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ADCC 2011 Final thoughts and last day analisys

ADCC 2011
In my opinion the technical level and matches in 2011 ADCC were the best ever surpassing even Brazil '03. Usually the final day of competition has warm non-exciting matches as fighters are more cautious as they get near the finals and as the level of the competitors increases the fights are more evenly matched. This was not true this year , while the level was super high even in the first round, fighters were extremely aggressive and going for the "kill" all the way to the finals.

Division by division reviews and thoughts:
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  1. Kid,

    Nice analysis of the ADCC. I agree with you on the technical skills shown in this ADCC were probably of the highest level we've seen.

    I have a number of suggestions which I hope the organizer will take into consideration for future ADCCs.

    1. The Brazil trials need to be expanded to two series: Rio and Sau Paulo. The US trials already have East Coast and West Coast trials, so I think it's only fair for Brazil to be afforded the same treatment due to the size of the country, and the talent pool it’s blessed with.

    2. I would also suggest that another trial for foreign-born/non-US citizens in the US to be organized concurrently with the US trials (which I think is exclusive only to US citizens, right?). The trial for the foreigners who stay in the US on legal visa, but are not citizens yet, is in view of the large number of the Brazilians instructors working in the US. And let's face it, it's not that easy for them to just leave their academies in the US and return to Brazil to attend the Brazil trials.

    3. I believe the reign of a Superfight champion should be limited to maximum two ADCCs. A friend of mine remarked that he didn't bother to watch the Absolute division b/c Marcelo and Braulio were not in it. In Braulio's case, if he wins again in 2013 in against Galvao, that means he will go into 2015 as the Superfight champ, again. I believe the fans would rather see talents like him competing in the normal tournament after the next Superfight in 2013, it makes things more exciting (hopefully he won't be too old by then..)

    4. It's a shame that Mendes (2009 champ) had to fight Frazatto (Brazil's trial champ) in the first round. Judging by the number of posts on the ADCC Facebook, a lot of fans were unhappy about it, and I am sure both Mendez and Frazatto were also not too happy as they had trained together to help each other for the tourney, only to find out that now they have to eliminate the other in the first round. Granted, it’s a tournament and it will happen eventually, but why not let them fight deeper in tournament? It’s a shame we didn’t get to see Frazatto fighting other talents like Justin Rader or even Baret Yoshida in the first round.
    There are two things that need to happen to address this: 1. Have a seeding system where the heavy favorites are separated from fighting each other the first round. 2. In case of teammates, well, the bracket should be set-up so the teammates would only fight each other in the Quarter Final. Why quarter? Because there's no monetary reward yet for the quarter finalists. If teammates meet in semi or final, then they can just fight with a predetermined outcome and split the prize money.

    5. Please, please get away of the negative point for pulling guard. Mendes vs Cobrinha's match leaves a bitter taste and Cobrinha only lost for pulling guard (supposedly pulling guard after 3 seconds from a failed takedown attempt yields no negative point?? Did the ref make the wrong call?). Anyway, I understand why the rule was necessary in the early years of ADCC. However, the guard position has evolved tremendous thanks to the works of the likes of Marcelo, Braulio, Mendes, Cobrinha to name a few, that the guard has become a wonderful source of offenses that were not seen in the early years of ADCC. The current rule has caused some ugly, boring matches with both parties trying for desperate, lunging, bad takedown attempts. I personally, and I think you and many fans may agree to this, that we would rather see a war of submissions being attempted by the competitors in the final minutes of the match on where the match truly belongs - on the mat.

    Thank you, sir! I look forward to the next ADCC!