Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Saturday, September 17, 2011

ADCC 2011 - One week away: Contenders talk & divisional picks

ADCC 2011

There is one week to go for the greatest grappling event in the World: ADCC. As fighters complete their final preparations and begin to wind down in anticipation of the 2 day event. Comments from top contenders:

U76KG -Kron Gracie: "The preparation and training has been great. I am ready!"

U88KG Andre Galvao: "I've trained really hard. I am better prepared than ever. I am strong and fast and ready to go to battle"

U99KG - "Xande" Ribeiro: "Last week of training for the ADCC, there is nothing to be done, there is nothing to be readjust, if you haven't done enough, now you late, lost of drill, stretching massages and mental training. Body is beat up and mind is tired, time to recover and leave it all on the mat. Oss"

Divisional Picks:
-65.9KG: (read more)

1. Daniel Strauss. U.K (read more)

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