Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Royler Gracie on his way to Manaus - Lovato Jr, Andre Galvao and Bruno Frazatto talk ADCC

Royler and Morango

Royler Gracie on his way to Manaus, Brazil for his MMA Fight

After months of preparation and hard work training and conditioning Royler Gracie left his home in San Diego along with his training partner/coach Fabricio "Morango" Camoes to the City of Manaus, Amazon. (read more)

Lovato Jr getting ready for ADCC 2011

Rafael Lovato Jr. is training hard for ADCC. In his facebook page Lovato stated:
"Pushed to my limit today! (read more)

Andre Galvao and Bruno Frazatto's ADCC preparation going strong

Another pair of contenders are on the right path to ADCC 2011. With 3 weeks to go to the event Galvao and Frazatto are (read more)

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

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