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Kid Peligro

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ryan Hall ready for ADCC - Terere is stoked and UK bound - Ginastica Seminar in San Diego - Sergi Seminars

Ryan Hall at MG

Ryan Hall Ready for ADCC
(Photos BY Tati Garcia)

A quick conversation with ADCC U65KG contender Ryan Hall found him in great spirits. Hall has been spending weeks training at Marcelo Garcia's MGINAction academy and loving it: "I am surrounded by great competitors here, besides of course Marcelo, there is Lucas Lepri, "Cobrinha", Peinado, Gabi and (read more)

Terere stoked and going to UK Soon

Word from Terere is that he is loving life and leaving for hte UK: "I am very happy with my wedding and will be moving to Torquay with her and her son. I am super stoked with my work and my seminars and hopefully I'll start training hard to get back to competition if I get a good sponsor"

Ginastica Seminar in San Diego

Professor Alvaro Romano is conducting a seminar at Nogueira Brothers academy in San Diego on September 24. Romano has been working with the brothers and Vitor Belfort and other top (read more)

Sergi Seminar at Daniel Moraes

Roberto Traven brown belt Michael Sergi of Serg BJJ in Savannah, Georgia conducted a seminar and private lessons at multiple time Mundial champ Daniel Moraes' and Daniel's brown belt Ryan Brinkman's headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida on August 19th. Sergi taught reversals from the half-guard (read more)

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