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Kid Peligro

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kid at Mad Tiger BJJ - Andre Galvao's newest BB - Rafa Mendes in Abu Dhabi

Kid and Eric Goo Mad Tiger BJJ
Kid Peligro at Mad Tiger BJJ

This past Saturday, Kid had a great time with Eric Goo and his Mad Tiger BJJ crew. Kid wishes to send his thanks to Eric and his group for the Aloha and to his friends Brian "Rock Tape" Wong and lovely wife Mel Fausto for their presence.

Mad Tiger BJJ is located at  95-119 Kamehameha Hwy. Suite D, Mililani, Hi. 96789 For more info call: (808) 381-7838 or check   Or email

Andre Galvao's Newest Black Belt

We don't usually announce promotions in this column but when current ADCC Absolute promotes his 6th ever Black Belt it is worth a note. This past Saturday Andre promoted Tim Sledd to Black Belt at his seminar in Indiana. Andre stated: "Congratulations to my Student Tim Sledd for his BJJ black belt today. (read more) Sledd

Rickson Gracie Seminar in Houston

A reminder that Rickson Gracie will be conducting a seminar at LX main Academy in Sugarland, Texas. Check out the poster below and don't miss the chance to learn from the Master

Rafa Mendes in Abu Dhabi

Current ADCC U65KG champion Rafa Mendes is spending some time in Abu Dhabi for some training and R&R. Rafa has been spending quite a bit of time tending to one of his passions "kart racing" although he is not as good at it as he is in BJJ Rafa still manages having a good time: "I got the 3rd Place.......I am little upset (read more) 

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro
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