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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rafael Mendes - 2011, what a year! - Andre Galvao and Kid Peligro Iphone apps


Rafael Mendes had a great 2011. Not only he accomplished all the goals he set for, but also he has received the recognition and success that he works so much for. After his great year, capped by a repeat win on ADCC, we set out to find out what's going on with him:

KP- How it was to defend your ADCC title?
RM- It was excellent, every day I am happier with my career my dedication is reflected on the positive things that I've achieved and this makes me very happy. The preparation for ADCC was great, I had people around me that are very special, everything went perfectly. I was on my best (read more)

Andre Galvao Releases his Iphone App

Andre Galvao Iphone Apps Vol1 to 5 now available at the App store !

Improve your game, anytime, anywhere

1 Stand Up Game

2 Open Guard

3 Half Guard

4 Guard Passing

5 Back Position


Kid Peligro's Iphone App: "Secrets of the Closed Guard" gets great reviews

N & K Lopez:

"your app on the closed guard just wanted to let you know that I think you did a fantastic job. You definitely set the bar high for instructional apps. By far the best quality bjj instructional app I own. Can't wait for your next one which I hope you will be making."

Lester Gantan "One a flight back from SFO today, I watched the entire Kid Peligro Secrets of the Closed Guard iPhone App. . .Outstanding instruction Kid!"

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Kid Peligro Iphone App: Secrets of the Closed Guard
Kid Peligro Iphone App: Portuguese for BJJ

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