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Kid Peligro

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rickson Gracie in Oahu - Abu Dhabi Pro Trials San Antonio - Bruno Frazatto Update - Pedro Sauer injuries are ok

Rickson Kala and Makua
L-R: Makua Rothman, Kala Alexander, Rickson Gracie and Cassia Rampinelli - Photo Personal archives

Rickson Gracie Travels

Master Rickson Gracie has had a very busy year with several trips to the US and abrod conducting his highly sought after seminars. Amongst his many stops were Abu Dhabi where he met with Sheik Tahnoon and Renzo Gracie. Shortly after Rickson was in England to help coach his son Kron in the ADCC. (read more)

Abu Dhabi Pro Trials San Antonio

The Abu Dhabi JiuJitsu Pro Trials is coming to San Antonio this November 26 & 27. This event is not your average tournament. It will be one of the best ran and best organized tournaments ever to come to San Antonio. The prestigious pro-event (read more)

Bruno Frazatto in Guam and guard pass video

Bruno teaching Personal archives photo

Top dog Bruno Frazatto continues his journey's around the World. After ADCC in England Bruno went to Japan for seminars and to compete in the Rickson Cup. (read more)

Pedro Sauer is Ok

After helping his students Jeff Curren and Bart Palaszewski prepare for UFC 137, Master Pedro Sauer returned home and was trying to conduct his regular class schedule but was forced to (read more)

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