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Kid Peligro

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gabi Garcia Life after ADCC 2011

Gabi Garcia podium
There's no question as to who is the dominant female in BJJ in the last couple of years: the name is Gabi Garcia! With a string of World Absolute titles shared with teammate and friend Luana Alzuguir and matching weight division titles, Pan and World BJJ Pro titles, Gabi had won it all. There was one title however that she hadn't conquered, ADCC! Gabi set out to reach her goal with her incredible dedication and training schedule, but the path to ADCC wouldn't be so easy, the loss of a close family member challenged Gabi's dedication and determination like never before. She questioned whether she would be able to overcome the loss so close to the event, however her desire to win fueled her to move forward and stay the course. The reward was too great and the mission couldn't be stopped.
The trip to Birmingham, England to ADCC turned out to be one of the most memorable in Gabi's life and she learned more about herself and her ability to overcome life's great challenges. Here are Gabi's thoughts on life after ADCC 2011: (read more)

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