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Kid Peligro

Friday, December 16, 2011

Vinny Magalhaes Life After ADCC 2011

Vinny ADCC 2011 Podium
Vinny Magalhaes wins the ADCC Over 99KG title (all photos (c) Kid Peligro)

Vinny Magalhaes has been on the limelight for some time now. After moving to the US from his native Brazil, Vinny exploded in popularity with his appearance in The Ultimate Fighter program. His great performances up until the setback in the finals of TUF against Ryan Bader. Vinny was highly regarded by many, including UFC Kingmaker Dana White as having the best BJJ for MMA. After the TUF, Vinny fought in UFC and lost a decision and was let go. But his dream still burned strong and he set out to make a return to the UFC. He went back to the training mats and fought in various events and currently is in the middle of a 5 fight winning streak (last4 in M-1).

But along the MMA way Vinny still found time to compete in ADCC, in '09 he had spectacular matches but fell short of winning. He corrected that in 2011 and came out with Gold.  Here is what Vinny had to say about where he is and his plans:(read more)

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