Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ultimate Lightweight: IT's On! - Chico Mendes Fights in England

Ultimate Abs Light

All contestants are there and ready to go off! With the arrival of some of the top lightweights in the World, the Ultimate Absolute NYC is ready to rock. Mike Fowler was super stoked to be on weight already as he arrived in NYC: "I weighed in at 152. It was an easy cut from 154. This was no cut...straight healthy lifestyle."
Having shared the mat with Fowler on the day of his (read more)

Chico Mendes Fights in England

Checkmat Team Black Belt Chico Mendes is fighting MMA tomorrow in England at the Ultimate Impact event. Chico will be facing Mark Tucker. Chico will have Leo Vieira and Mauro Xuxa in his corner along with Matt Ewin. 

To find out more on the event go to: 

Weigh In Video

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