Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kid Peligro Seminar at Pedro Sauer's Academy

 Group photo by JMR Pics

Kid Peligro spent this past Saturday afternoon sharing his thoughts and techniques at Master Pedro Sauer's Academy in Sterling, VA. It was both a pleasure and an honor and also nerve wrecking to be showing techniques in front of Master Sauer (who knows everything there is to know about GJJ).

Everyone had a great time especially me! It is always great to be around my friend Pedro and, always, his students are a reflection of the Master's attitude and knowledge, super nice and technical.

Thanks everyone! To see more pictures of the seminar go to:

 Pedro and Kid photo JMR pictures

Hector Hernandez, Kid Pedro, Jonathan Garfield. Pedro Sauer and Steve Adornato

Garfield BJJ School  (L-R) Dwayne Bowie, Hector Hernandez, Kid Peligro, Jonathan Garfield, Pedro Sauer, Cindy Kendis and Aiana R.

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro

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