Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kid Peligro Seminars and more - Gracie Camp in Cancun

Kid Peligro in Park City Utah

Kid Peligro is going to be conducting a seminar at the High Altitude BJJ Camp. The seminar takes place on July 20th, 2012.  Contact Park City BJJ to attend the Camp and/or the seminar!

Kid Peligro in South Carolina

Kid Peligro will be at Ben Rhoads' Academy Cross Rhoades BJJ in Blufton , Sc for a semianr on November 10, 2012. For more info and to sign up go to or check out Cross Rhoades JJ Academy at

Cross Rhoades new matted area

Cross Rhoades is having so many great people coming to do seminars and the academy roster is growing so fast that Ben had to expand the academy to accommodate all that. Ben is having Allen Hopkins seminar this Saturday followed by Master Sauer in August, Andre Galvao in October and Kid in November!

Gracie Camp in Cancun, Mexico

The Gracie Camp takes place in Cancun, Mexico. With no less than 6 Gracies there teaching and sharing their knowledge with you in a great setting plus special guest Renzo Gracie what else do you need but to sign up!  Jiu-jitsu + fun + Party + lifestyle = Gracie Adventure Camp in Cancun. You can't miss this awesome trip.

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

Kid  Peligro

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