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Kid Peligro

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kinesio Tape and apparel

L-R Royler, Eric and Kid with Intelliskin

It was about a decade ago when I first exposed to Kinesio science as Ryan Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba appeared on the then biggest MMA show on earth Pride wearing this "blue" tape on their knees. At the time lots of skepticism and even jokes were made about the "tape" but my sense of curiosity always kept me asking and researching about the "tape". At the time also it was very difficult to obtain the "blue tape" as it appeared to be an exclusive of Japan and the top fighters.

A couple of years back I tweaked my ankle and sustained a pretty good injury and in my quest for any and everything that could help I found the kinesio tapes again. After using it extensively since then for that injury and my tendonitis of the elbow I became a devoted advocate of the knesio tape for injury assist and help the healing process. Over the years, at times I have so many places tapped that i look more like a mummy than a human : ) but that is the nature of the sports I love: Jiu-Jitsu and surfing. One of the problems that encoutered however, was that because I do like surfing and Jiu-Jitsu, the tape would come off rather quickly, so I was really stoked when a year or so ago I was introduced to Rock tape by my friend Brian Wong from Todd Tanaka's Team HK Academy in Honolulu. Since then not only I've had the great benefits from the tapes but they stay on for much longer. Now if you watched the recent Olympics you'd notice that it appeared everyone was wearing the tape no matter what sport they did, even the Chinese! And as my wife said: "The Chinese don't follow hype!" so the tape has finally hit mainstream!

Then a few months ago, my good friend and fellow Black belt Kai "Borg" Garcia was telling me how stoked he was with his new "workout" shirt. Kai was raving about it and saying how it had helped him tremendously, since "Borg" doesn't get fired about about many things I decided I better check it out. So Borg put me in contact with Eric Vallely from Intelliskin apparel that is supposed to help out with your posture and movement. Eric set me and Royler Gracie up with some of their apparel and after wearing it constantly for 3 weeks I can attest that these things work! I am not going to go into the science of everything or explain why it works (I don't fully understand it myself) because all Ic are is that the results are great and I can't workout without my shirt on and I also wear the lighter version several hours a day and it helps me stay energized and keep my posture better.

Now you may ask why am I writing about this? The answer is simple, through this Blog, I try to share the benefits that I got from my friends info and my own experiences and spread the word on anything that can help you perform better 

So I hope this helps you, with injuries and also preventing them. Email me directly if you have any questions and stay healthy and train and surf hard !

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,
Kid Peligro

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  1. In the last Olympics of Beijing and London where most of the athletes and injured people used a special colored tape . This colored tape is known as Kinesiology Tape
    It contains special medicine that can reduce severe pain and injury within a few seconds. It works as Magic ....

    1. Exactly but there is no special medicine added it is just the way the kinesiology tape works. Check out or other kinesio tape sites for more info