Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ADCC without Marcelo Garcia

For the first time since 2003 ADCC will not have their top champion as it has just been confirmed by ADCC President Guy Neivens, that multiple times winner Marcelo Garcia will (read more)

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1 comment:

  1. Dear Mr Peligro,

    In my humble opinion, it's probably time for the organizer to raise the cash prize for the weight division winners. The current cash prize of $10k has probably outlived its usefulness in attracting, and in Marcelo's case, retaining the top talents in the ADCC competitions.

    ADCC could get away with the 'superfights' which have also taken away the top talents from the tournaments. ADCC 2007 missed Roger Gracie who had dominated the tournament in 2005 by submitting everyone as he fought the supermatch with Jon Olav, when people would have rather seen Roger competing in the absolute division and probably would have repeated the same feat of submitting everyone. The same thing happened in ADCC 2011 when Braulio competed in the supermatch after a brilliant performance in ADCC 2009. And this year, we're going to lose Andre Galvao to the supermatch.

    Of course,these great champions have earned their spot in the supermatch, no question. It's just I think the fans would appreciate more if we could just watch the best competitors fight it out in the absolute to determine who's the best.

    By eliminating superfights, the organizer could use the cash prize ($40k) and put it back in the tournament and help a bit to raise the cash prize . Say the weight division winners get $25k each, and the absolute division winner gets $75k.

    To increase revenue, the organizer may consider driving the traffic to the paid live stream by running an advertisement to promote the ADCC during live UFC shows (as I understand the Sheikh family is an investor in UFC's parent company, Zuffa). If ADCC could make a promo video with quality as those UFC or even Metamoris, and show it to the properly targeted audience at the UFC (as many of them train BJJ recreationally and are also grappling fans), the pay per view stream could multiply and could be channeled into raising the cash prizes etc)

    Hopefully the organizer would consider the suggestions to further enhance the professionalism and competitiveness of ADCC tournaments.

    Thank you.