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Monday, June 10, 2013

Metamoris Pro II - Kron Gracie Submits Shinya Aoki and more

Kron Gracie secures the guillotine on Aoki
Metamoris Pro II event went down yesterday at the Pauley Pavillion on UCLA campus. The event  location and organization were tops and some great matches went down. Here is my opinion and match breakdown:

Vitor Estima v JT Torres

Vitor and JT fought a hard battle with both concentrating on foot and leg attacks. This was a hard tactical battle that at the end of 20 minutes was declared a draw. Both fighters could have taken more chances but it appears that the evnt dimension and prestige weighed down and they both played a more conservative game than normal.

Michelle Nicolini v MacKenzie Dern
This was Metamoris first ever ladies match and from the looks of it there should be more. Both ladies appeared very nervous at the beginning of the match but after a few minutes they went for it with some great positional exchanges and leg attacks. Nicolini appeared to tire somewhat in the match and her pace slowed down and MacKenzie gave Michelle the respect that a World champion deserved. In the end the fight was rightfully declared a draw but this was an exciting match nonetheless

Brandon Schaub v Roberto "Cyborg" 

There wasn't much of fa fight here with Schaub avoiding to engage Cyborg and just playing to get a guillotine choke on Cyborg's takedown attempts. The public booed Schaub repeatedly as he avoided the fight. Cyborg was declared the winner as he pursued the fight more

Andre Galvao v Rafael Lovato

This in my opinion was one of the fights of the night, Andre Galvao seemed to have re-found his old aggressive and attacking self and went for it attempting flying triangles and arm-locks, using great sweeps and always looking to attack. Lovato showed his maturity as a fighter and maintained his poise even under Galvao's barrage and managed to get top position a few times but Galvao would counter with a reversal. The match appeared to change when Galvao applied a standing wrist-lock that seemed to disconcert Lovato. Galvao applied pressure and passed Lovato's guard and was looking for a submission but Lovato was able to regain his footing and last the match.

Rodolfo vieira v Braulio Estima
Vieira spent the entire 20 minute match trying to breakdown Estima's guard. Estima was using the foot on the lapel "delta" guard frustrating Vieira's pass attempts but without putting Rodolfo in any danger. It was amazing to me how Braulio could maintain his grip for the match length. Vieira was relentless and appeared at times frustrated but his efforts paid results and in the final minutes Vieira was able to get side-control and attack Braulio's arm but could not secure the finish as he described: "I had no energy left to give the final push for the submission"

Kron Gracie v Shinya Aoki

Kron gracie entered this match having submitted Ocatvio de Souza in the maiden Metamoris event while Aoki, an MMA specialist with 22 submission victories was looking to assert himself as a dangerous submission artist in grappling as well. The fight began with both competitors feeling each other when Kron secured closed guard and went to work. Aoki escaped the first of Kron's guillotines and looked for some attacks himself on his opponent's foot and knee. Kron re-gained closed guard and during one exchange secured his always dangerous guillotine for the submission win.

Metamoris announced the next event's main fight: The rematch of Royler Gracie v Eddie Bravo. Eddie Bravo submitted Royler 10 years ago in ADCC 2003 and since then talks about a re-match surfaced only to fail. This time however event promoter Ralek Gracie was able to secure both fighters signatures and the long awaited match is on. The fans have clmaroed for this match for a decade and the fight should draw huge attention. During the rpess conference both fighters were very respectful of each other but also promised to go for it.

I can't wait for Metamoris III Gracie v Bravo!

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