Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Results so far

  1. Vieira arm-locks Leite and is in the finals
  2. Leite injures his right knee but wants to continue
  3. Bernardo Faria beats Leandro Lo to face Buchecha in the semi
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  5. Vieira submits Joao Gabriel faces Leite in the semis
  6. Buchecha reaches the semis Leite upsets Galvao and reaches the semis
  7. Gabi Garcia reaches the finals to face Bia
  8. Buchecha defeats Bruno Bastos reaches the quarters
  9. Leo Leite defeats DJ to reach the quarters and face Galvao
  10. Andre Galvao knee bars Abraham Messina with seconds to go advances to the quarters
  11. Bia Mesquita defeats Luana Alzuguir pts to reach Absolute finals

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