Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Andre Galvao Promotes Rubens "Cobrinha"

It is a story from many moons ago but I remember Fernado "Terere" telling me: "Kid I am training a new guy, he is going to be a World champion, his name is "Cobrinha". I met "Cobrinha" as a purple belt during a Worlds at the Tijuca Tennis Clube.

Fast forward a few years and Andre Galvao promoted "Cobrinha" to Black Belt. The rest is history, "Cobrinha" went on to win multiple World titles and Galvao went on to win weight and Absolute ADCC along with World BlackBelt title

Here is Galvao's take and the video of the promotion:

"It was a very good time back in the day when we were all part of the TT Jiujitsu Team under the masters Fernando Terere and Eduardo Telles. (read more)

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