Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Buchecha Seminar in Oahu - Rodrigo Gracie Seminar Series - ADCC Virginia Tournament

Buchecha Seminar in Oahu

2 times World Absolute and weight champion Marcus "Buchecha" Alemida conducted a seminar at Mad Tiger Jiu-Jitsu in Oahu last night. The event was a big success with Buchecha showing his techniques, his game and his philosophy. Everyone had a great time

 Rodrigo Gracie Seminar Series

Rodrigo Gracie will be touring the US with a short seminar series. Check out dates and info below and make sure to attend and learn from one of my favorite instructors

ADCC Virginia

ADCC North America will host a tournament in Virginia on Feb 22, 2014. Check out the poster below for info
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  1. The main ADCC tournament (not the regional ones) needs to raise its prize amount to continue attracting the top grappling talents to participate and compete in the world's premier no-gi grappling tournament. Back in 1998/99, competitors competed in ADCC as it offered the top prize money, and this helped establish the ADCC reputation and prestige. Then in 2000s, people competed in ADCC because that's where top grapplers competed i.e people competed due to the prestige of ADCC.

    Nowadays, there are a number of other tournaments that offer similar prize of money to ADCC ($10k for 1st place winners). It is about time that ADCC organizer double or even triple the cash prize if it wishes to remain the world's premier no gi tournament. If necessary, abolish the super fights, you can save RM100k and give this to weight class and absolute winners. After all, people watch ADCC to see who would become the weight class champs and absolute champ. Super fights should be left to the likes of Metamoris. ADCC should remain a tournament to decide who's the best.